‘That ’90s Show’: Meet the Star Playing Eric and Donna’s Daughter

by Liz Holland

If “That 90s Show” is anywhere near as successful as “That 70s Show,” it could absolutely send its cast to stardom. Topher Grace and Laura Prepon starred as Eric Foreman and Donna Pinciotti on the original series, and the pair are both still recognized for their roles on the show. For the 20-years-later revival, the show’s storyline will center around Leia Foreman, daughter to Eric and Donna. When Leia goes to visit her grandparents for the summer, she quickly forms a group of friends reminiscent of  the original gang on “That 70s Show.” 

The real question is, who is this mystery actress behind Leia? Leia Foreman is played by 15 year old Callie Haverda, and she’s certainly no stranger to show biz. Haverda starred in Netflix film “The Lost Husband” alongside Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb when she was just 13 years old. When she was even younger, Haverda also starred in “The Adventures of Pepper and Paula” in 2015, “Stage V” in 2016, and in the short Hulu series “Shut Eye” from 2016-2017. 

Haverda also has an extensive resume with lots of commercial work, so it was only a matter of time before she landed a role as exciting as this one. She shared with Texas Lifestyle Mag that she doesn’t have a particular preference for TV vs. Movies when it comes to acting– she just wants to take on as many projects as she can. 

‘That 90s Show’ Star Callie Haverda Says She Enjoys All Types of Acting

“I really enjoy everything. Any script I can get my hands on or any project. But I mostly prefer to work on horror/thrillers,” Haverda reflected. “A very hard scene for me was a scene in the TV show, Shut Eye. I was with Isabella Rossellini and Havana Guppy who play my grandmother and sister, and we had just found our house burned to a crisp. The scene was especially challenging because our ‘house’ was just a huge green screen. So all of our emotions were made while staring at a big screen in a parking lot!”

In addition to acting, the young performer also has a passion for ventriloquism. “I have these little puppet animals including a mouse that my brother and I used to make videos with, trying out our ventriloquist skills,” she told the magazine. “Darci Lynn is amazing! I don’t follow her career very much but I do remember watching her on America’s Got Talent.” 

Original Cast Members to Appear on ‘That 70s Show’ Revival

The first season of “That 90s Show” will have 10 episodes, but there’s no official release date yet. Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith are reprising their roles of Kitty and Red Forman on the series. Additionally, several other members of the original cast, including Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, are reportedly in negotiations to appear on the revival spin off. With a potentially star-studded cast, the show definitely has the potential to be as huge as its’ original. 

For Callie Haverda, her advice for fellow young actors is to just keep pushing. “The business can be very tough and you are really challenged when you’re an actor,” she told Texas Lifestyle Mag. “But just keep pushing forward because something will come.. Even though there are so many people auditioning for the same thing there is only one you.. If it’s right it will work out.”