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‘The A-Team’ Airs Final Episode This Week in 1987

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

“The A-Team” is an example of everything cool about eighties television. The show had it all. If you wanted comedy, they had you covered. At the same time, if you were in the mood to see some action, they delivered. Also, they had catchphrases. I don’t know about you, but I miss action stars with catchphrases. Hannibal’s “I love it when a plan comes together,” is one of the most quotable lines in TV history. B.A.’s “I ain’t gettin’ on no plane,” is still the best way to decline a flight. It’s hard to believe that this iconic team of good-hearted mercenaries said goodbye thirty-four years ago on March 8.

“The A-Team” ran for five seasons. They first hit the airwaves in 1983 and fans were hooked. Over the course of those five seasons, the guys took on countless enemies. They really had only two goals. Most importantly, they wanted to clear their names. At the same time, they traveled the land helping those in need. They were the kind of heroes you could really get behind.

That’s what made it such a shame that “The A-Team” didn’t get a proper sendoff. The final episode of the show, “Without Reservations,” didn’t feel like a real cathartic ending to the series. That’s because it was never meant to be the series finale.

The Real “A-Team” Series Finale

The episode that aired before “Without Reservations,” titled, “The Grey Team,” was supposed to end the series according to Screenrant. By the fifth season, the crew had stopped trying to hide from the military. Instead, they were working for the government. The A-Team was supposed to complete a set amount of missions for the government to earn full pardons.

In “The Grey Team,” the crew has to protect a young woman who believes she is carrying top-secret documents. The Russians are after the documents and The A-Team isn’t going to let them have them. So, they team up with the residents of a retirement home to fight off the Ruskies and save the day. In the end, Hannibal hatches a new plan. He convinces the team to walk away from their government contract. Instead, they go back into hiding and doing what they do best, helping the innocent.

Where “Without Reservations,” functions as a solid mid-season episode of the show, it doesn’t give the A-Team a proper sendoff. On the other hand, “The Grey Team,” seems like a fitting end. It sees the crew saving the day and riding off into the sunset. So, the next time you decide to binge-watch “The A-Team,” try swapping out the last two episodes. It will make the whole experience that much better.