‘The Amazing Race’: The Final Four Face Off as the Race Draws to a Close

by Leanne Stahulak

This long-awaited season of “The Amazing Race” draws closer to the end as the final four teams race toward the finish line.

After a 19-month delay and the recruitment of previously eliminated teams, only four teams remain now. Kim & Penn, Ryan & Dusty, Raquel & Cayla, and Arun & Natalia will face off this week for a spot in the final leg of “The Amazing Race.”

The pressure’s never been higher, especially since it’s really anyone’s race. Three of these teams, with the exception of Arun & Natalia, have placed in first or second for every leg of the race. The order does switch up, depending on which Detours or Roadblocks are suited for which teams.

But despite coming in last twice, Arun & Natalia have persevered and moved forward due to non-elimination legs of the race. They’ve overcome navigational issues and frustrations with different tasks. And they’ve shown why a previously eliminated team deserves a second chance to win “The Amazing Race.” It would be kind of satisfying to see them win after coming so far and improving so much.

But that’s only if they get past next week’s leg of the race. Airing on Feb. 23, “The Amazing Race” Season 33 Episode 9 will be the last leg before the finale. Typically, three teams advance to the final leg to compete for the million-dollar prize.

Matt & Jess Carter, however, wonder if next week will be a non-elimination leg. Just so the showrunners can switch things up and make it interesting. Then all four teams would have a shot at the prize. Plus, “The Amazing Race” finale airing on March 2 will be two hours long, providing plenty of time to cover four teams.

How Did ‘The Amazing Race’ Work During the Pandemic?

Initially, Season 33 of “The Amazing Race” started filming in February 2020. After just three episodes, the show postponed the race due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. Contestants spent 19 months in lockdown like the rest of the world, adjusting to the pandemic. Eventually, filming started back up again this past fall.

But with a few notable changes. For one thing, “The Amazing Race” contestants would no longer be using public transportation. No airports, train stations, buses, even taxi cabs. Instead, the show hired a charter jet to take all the contestants on. Depending on their place in the race, different teams departed at different times.

And when they remained in the same country, a lot of teams had to drive themselves around. Some of them struggled to drive a manual transmission car, or drive on the opposite side of the road. Not to mention the fact that they had to navigate to these destinations on their own.

Now, they’ve got only two more legs to travel until reaching the million-dollar prize.