‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Aunt Bee Actor Frances Bavier’s Old Small-Town North Carolina Home Is For Sale

by Joe Rutland

If you are looking to buy a TV star’s home, then look to North Carolina. The home of Frances Bavier of “The Andy Griffith Show” is for sale.

Bavier, who played Aunt Bee on the show throughout its CBS run, lived in Siler City, N.C., from 1972 until her death in 1989.

According to The Raleigh News & Observer, the 5,000-square-foot house is listed for $425,000. It is a five-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath home that’s currently owned by Larry and Vickie Russell.

Fans of “The Andy Griffith Show” would make trips to Siler City, where they would pass by Bavier’s former home then visit her gravesite.

‘Andy Griffith Show’ Star Lived Reclusive Live in North Carolina

Bavier, according to the article, was known to be reclusive while living in Siler City. She lived with a number of cats in her home. It’s reported that when she died, Bavier left a $100,000 trust fund in the name of the Siler City Fire Department.

How many cats, you ask? Well, a 2014 article in the Triad City Beat said that Bavier had 14 cats in her home. It’s also reported that she turned one of her downstairs bedrooms into a large cat litter box. The current owners, though, have refuted that report.

Bavier moved to Siler City in 1972 from Hollywood and time on sitcom TV shows. She wrapped up her time on TV when “Mayberry, R.F.D.,” a spinoff of “The Andy Griffith Show,” was cancelled. Apparently, moving to the small town of Siler City didn’t bring her peace and quiet. Show fans would come by the house and see if they could find Aunt Bee and talk to her.

Frances Bavier Would Not See Griffth, Howard When They Visited

All that did is force Bavier to close the curtains at the front of the house and live in back for the remainder of her life.

It’s also reported that former costars Andy Griffith and Ron Howard dropped by to visit her in 1986. But she’d only speak with them through the closed door. Bavier was no fan of Griffith, even though they worked together for years on the CBS sitcom.

Bavier died on Dec. 4, 1989, at 86 years old. She had been in ill health prior to her death.

While she lives on in TV reruns, Frances Bavier had no interest in being in the public eye herself. But the role of Aunt Bee remains connected with Bavier as new generations grow up and watch her alongside Griffith, Howard, and Don Knotts in Mayberry.