‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Director Richard Crenna Explained How Show’s ‘Homey’ Feel Made it Great

by Will Shepard

Richard Crenna was one of the directors of The Andy Griffith Show as a result of his hard work on The Real McCoys. When he joined as director, the recipe for success was already in place.

The Andy Griffith Show director did a great job with the show. Even though he only directed eight total episodes of the show, he helped the show along. Crenna was responsible for episodes that spanned from 1963 to 1964.

His work is reflected in how well the show did in terms of viewers. According to Brittanica, during its eight-season run, the show never fell below seventh in television ratings.

Richard Crenna sat down to an interview in 2002 with Henry Colman. In their extensive conversation, Crenna talked about The Andy Griffith Show. In particular, the famous director spoke the feelings that he drew from the television show.

Richard Crenna Spoke About How “The Andy Griffith Show” Felt to Him as a Director

When he was presented with the opportunity to direct some of The Andy Griffith Show episodes, he jumped at the opportunity. He said, “I would be pleased and proud.” He continued, “because we had been on the same lot so we felt very much [that there was] a family feeling.”

Crenna explained why this was the case. “I knew everybody. I knew Don Knotts. And I knew all of them. So going in there was anything but uncomfortable. I mean, I just fit in like a glove.”

“Of course, it was the same kind of homey comedy that we did on [The Real] McCoy’s. It was very straightforward. They didn’t try to be funny,” Crenna remembered of The Andy Griffith Show.

“You can’t make Don Knotts not funny, but he didn’t have to try to be funny,” the director added. “So, it was a natural kind of progression for me to go into that show, and I directed quite a number of the third season.”

Keep Up With the Legendary Show This May as Episodes Hit the Air Again

So, in case you’re curious about how the episodes turned out, don’t fret. This May, MeTV proclaimed that the entire month is going to be the month of Mayberry.

Even though the network began re-airing episodes of The Andy Griffith Show on May second, there is plenty of time to watch more episodes. As the entire month dedicated to the shows that took place in Mayberry, there are other shows to watch too.

For instance, on May 2, MeTV aired the pilot episode of The Andy Griffith Show. Then, for the rest of the month, the network will air back-to-back episodes of the legendary show. This will happen every weeknight starting at 8 p.m. EST.

Then, on weekends, the network will air special episodes from the show. Those will include episodes such as “All About Andy,” “The Fife is Right,” “Opie Dokie,” and “The Best of the Rest.”