‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Andy Griffith Revealed Don Knotts Had an Excellent Singing Voice, Would Sing on Set

by Will Shepard

Andy Griffith has one of the most memorable singing voices on television. While there are others who could be considered better than him, he sang a lot. Right next to him on the episodes of The Andy Griffith Show was Don Knotts.

Don Knotts did not always sing along with him. However, when Andy Griffith’s deputy Barney Fife was singing along with Andy Taylor, it was purposely never good.

The Andy Griffith Show was always depicting Don Knotts as a horrible singer. There was no getting around it either. Anytime the two began singing, Andy Griffith would tolerate it for only a short period of time.

“The Andy Griffith Show” Always Made Don Knotts Seem Like a Horrific Singer

In an interview, Andy Griffith talks about how he and Don Knotts would sing while not on camera. As it turns out, Don Knotts was a wonderful singer and loved to belt songs out.

“Whenever Don Knotts and I were waiting for lighting cues, we would sing hymns in harmony. The show depicted Barney as tone-deaf, but Don has a beautiful tenor voice.”

It is almost more impressive that Don Knotts could sing so badly. Knowing now that he was a good singer, it would likely have been difficult to sing as if he was tone-deaf. But, he played the part beautifully and was exceptionally convincing as a poor singer.

Moreover, Andy Griffith loved to sing while they were filming The Andy Griffith Show. But, the lead actor also liked to sing off-screen. So, it makes sense that the two would join together in singing songs while the cameras weren’t rolling.

Andy Griffith would play his guitar and sing constantly while the cameras weren’t rolling. His go-to songs were almost always hymns. More often than not, he would have his guitar in hand for those songs. Interestingly, he played the same guitar for fifty years.