‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Griffith Had His Own Food Brand, Restaurants That Used Classic Catchphrase

by Keeli Parkey

Andy Griffith is a man remembered for many things. There were his roles in such popular television series as “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock.” He was also a popular southern gospel singer.

What you might not know about Andy Griffith is that for a time, he was the face of restaurants known as “Andy Griffith gooood eatin’ Restaurants.” He was also the face of a food brand. This brand also claimed to be “gooood eatin.'”

According to @RetroNewsNow on Twitter, these restaurants opened in June 1970. And, the man himself was there for the opening of the businesses. One was located at Gateway Plaza (U.S. 1 North) and Old Wake Forest Road in Raleigh.

A flyer shared via Twitter on read: “North Carolina’s favorite son, TV-Motion Picture star, Andy Griffith, will officially open America’s FIRST Andy Griffith ‘gooood eatin” Restaurant … Load up the family and come on to his place with the chimney and front porch … Say ‘Hi’ to Andy and try delicious food – Andy Griffith style.”

The restaurant’s menu included barbecue that was “best by taste-test.” There were hamburgers and friend chicken. The fried chicken was advertised as “the envy of the best cook you know.”

As if the star of “The Andy Griffith Show” making an appearance at the restaurant’s opening wasn’t enough, there was also a special available that day. For those who purchased a barbecue sandwich or a fried chicken dinner, they received “one of Andy’s famous ‘Big Orange Drinks’ – FREE.”

Griffith appeared at one location at noon. He also made his way to the other for an appearance at 6 p.m. on that day in June 1977.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star’s Food Brand Also Claimed to Be ‘Gooood Eatin’

Here’s something else you might not know about Andy Griffith – he was also the face of a brand of canned beans and ham. According to MeTV, “The Andy Griffith Show” star also claimed that these products were “gooood eatin.'”

The popular actor also appeared in commercials for the “Andy Griffith” products. These appeared in the 1970s.

“Now … Andy Griffith is bustin’ with beans,” the ads reportedly read. Unsurprisingly, the actor’s image appeared on the cans. You can’t sell Andy Griffith beans without Andy Griffith, after all. Also unsurprisingly, the “goood” catchphrase was also printed on the cans.

There was also a message from Griffith on the cans: “I know every woman will be proud to serve such tasty Navy Beans. They’re tastier…because we cook them in some of the softest water in America….helps keep natural country-grown flavor. While we cook ’em, they are constantly turned and stirred so they won’t clump-up in the can. And we’ve added a smidgin’ of sugar and a tender chunk of pork… all for old-south, country style flavor.”

The star’s brand didn’t offer just one type of beans. You could buy great northern, pinto, and navy beans from “The Andy Griffith Show” star. He also sold black-eyed peas and meats.