‘The Andy Griffith Show’: One Iconic Scene Was Also Used in ‘The Rifleman’

by Katie Maloney

Every fan of The Andy Griffith Show is familiar with the pond from the opening of each episode. But Andy and Opie weren’t the only celebrities to frequent that pond.

Before the start of every episode of The Andy Griffith Show, the credits rolled during an opening sequence that featured Andy and Opie holding fishing poles and walking along the shore of a pond. However, the pond isn’t actually located in North Carolina where the show’s town of Mayberry was set. In fact, the pond sits right in the middle of Los Angeles in Franklin Canyon Park. Studio City and the CBS Studio Center are just below the area. So, it makes sense that so many television shows and movies filmed at the park. A few of these projects include Star Trek, That Girl, Bonanza, and Wonder Woman.

However, there is only one other notable fisherman who visited the same pond as Andy and Opie. His name is Mark Twain. Well, his name is actually Kevin McCarthy. But he played Mark Twain in a 1961 episode of The Rifleman, called “The Shattered Idol.” During the episode, Twain visits the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir to contemplate life. As he sits, a fishing pole bobs in the water.

The family goes fishing on The Andy Griffith Show.

Did Andy or Opie Ever Catch Any Fish on The Andy Griffith Show?

Fishing is a classic father-child activity. So, it’s no surprise that fishing was one of Andy and Opie’s favorite pastimes together. In fact, several episodes feature the father-son duo taking day trips to the pond. But did actors Andy Griffith or Ron Howard ever actually catch any fish while filming The Andy Griffith Show? During an interview in 2019, Ron Howard revealed the answer.

“No, unless you count all of the fishing scenes where the prop man had to wade in and put a catfish on the line,” said Howard. “That was Franklin Canyon and we were only allowed to put two fish a day in, because it was actually the drinking water for Hollywood.”

Howard added that there were also restrictions on how many rocks he could toss into the water while filming the opening sequence for the show.

“And on the opening credit scene shoot, I was only allowed to throw two rocks in the water for the same reason. Yeah, there was a lot of pressure on that rock toss. I had to get it right,” said Howard.