‘The Andy Griffith Show’: See Ron Howard, Don Knotts, Others Behind the Scenes of the Classic TV Show

by Will Shepard
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One of the most iconic shows from the 1960s is The Andy Griffith Show. The show has everything that a good sitcom has. There was an excellent storyline throughout the show that tied all of the comedic aspects together.

Not only was the storyline great, but every scene had its own quirky distinctions that kept viewers on their toes. The Andy Griffith Show was also known for the characters having great relationships off-camera.

Recently, there have been disputes to that assessment of The Andy Griffith Show characters. But, for the most part, all of the actors really enjoyed the company of each other.

Don Knotts and Andy Griffith especially had an outstanding relationship.

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When The Andy Griffith Show was beginning, the two actors signed identical contracts in terms of length. Unfortunately, after five years, both contracts were up, and Don Knotts believed that Griffith was moving onto another project.

Consequently, Griffith had a change of heart and decided to sign onto the show for another three years. He reportedly desperately wanted Knotts to join him for three more years. At that time, though, Knotts was already committed to another show and couldn’t leave.

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More Behind the Scenes Information About “The Andy Griffith Show”

Another great example of the stars of The Andy Griffith Show getting along swimmingly is Ron Howard and Andy Griffith. The two had an amazing relationship that lasted until Griffith passed away.

Ron Howard has talked about how much Andy Griffith influenced his career. He says that the star of The Andy Griffith Show was like a second father to him. Howard was only six years old when he began acting on the show. So, it makes sense that Griffith had such a powerful influence on the young actor’s life. He also notes that he was a major reason why he continued his path in acting after the show finished.

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Moreover, all of the actors on The Andy Griffith were upstanding people and liked one another. As is the case with everything, though, the actors would have rough days and be in bitter moods. There are certainly stories out there of each actor upsetting someone else.

But, for the most part, The Andy Griffith Show actors enjoyed each other’s company. Most likely, everyone was able to learn and progress in their lives because of the show. Not only was the success of the show important for everyone’s career, but for the younger actors, the life lessons would likely have set them up for the rest of their lives.

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