‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Ron Howard Explained What Set Griffith Apart, Said He ‘Taught Himself’

by Will Shepard

Ron Howard was a staple of The Andy Griffith Show for its years on television. He joined the show when he was only six years old and was able to cultivate an amazing career because of the show.

In an interview, Ron Howard talks about his time on the show. He describes how the lessons that he learned on the show would help him later on in life.

Specifically, he talks about how he was able to set himself apart from other actors. Again, he was able to use this throughout his career and be successful on his own. But, he says that these lessons were from the example that Andy Griffith set on the show.

During the interview, he talks about how Andy Griffith was able to teach himself. This is an incredibly powerful tool that only a select few people have.

Ron Howard Says That “The Andy Griffith Show” Lead Actor Was Different Than Everyone Else

The full interview is thirty minutes long, and he talks about numerous things about The Andy Griffith Show. This clip is a small excerpt from Television Academy Foundation’s chat with Howard.

“Andy was a very intelligent guy, sort of self-schooled. You know, he was a teacher who, kind of, taught himself to be an entertainer. I don’t know if he ever studied acting anywhere or not, but he really built his own sense, his own aesthetic. It just kind of came from a place of logic for him, but he was an entertainer first. He was a monologuist, and he was a singer. He was never really a stand-up comedian per se, but he was a humorist.”

The Andy Griffith Show would have been worlds different without the charisma that Andy Griffith brought. He was one of television’s favorite fathers. Ron Howard certainly learned how to be an actor by watching him work.