‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Ron Howard Named Things People ‘Don’t Realize’ When They Watch Legend’s Performances

by Will Shepard

When The Andy Griffith Show first aired, the people involved in the show almost immediately knew it would be a success. Just about everything in the show set it up to be a one-of-a-kind production.

The chemistry between two of the actors, Andy Griffith and Ron Howard, was palpable. Howard quickly found that Griffith was like a second father to him. His influence on him as an actor helped him to become a force in Hollywood, not just as an actor, but as a director as well.

During an interview from several years ago, the actor who played Opie in The Andy Griffith Show talked about Griffith. He wanted people to understand that his acting was much more influential than people grasped.

“I would suspect that when people watch an Andy Griffith performance, that they don’t realize how dedicated, how focused, and analytical he really was about what he was doing.” Howard continued with his explanation. “It was always an act of creation, a creative decision.”

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Howard then explained that people probably just saw the surface level of the actor. He felt, though, that there was a lot more to him than the spontaneous actor people saw on television. The Andy Griffith Show actor explained that his talent ran so much deeper than he let onto with the show.

Ron Howard even talked about the star of The Andy Griffith Show’s later work on Matlock. He said that a lot of the things Griffith did on that show were improvisational. He noted that is an incredible skill to have as an actor and praised Griffith for the ability.

Griffith was also, according to Howard, a very religious man. However, he said that he never let it truly influence his acting career. That is certainly not something that fans of his could be able to understand when turning on an episode of his work.

Howard also noted that Griffith had an incredible work-life balance. He was able to enjoy his life off-set just as much as when he was working. All of these things put together made, in Howard’s eyes, an invaluable part of The Andy Griffith Show.