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‘The Andy Griffith Show’: One Star Said He ‘Won Every Talent Show’ in School Growing Up

by Will Shepard
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Television stars are a breed of their own. A fan-favorite character on The Andy Griffith Show was always Goober Pyle. He was goofy, lovable, and loyal to a fault. His antics made him one of the most entertaining characters.

Even though he was not one of the central characters on the show, George Lindsey was on the show for 86 episodes. That gives him the fifth most appearances in episodes on The Andy Griffith Show.

While Lindsey is most known for his portrayal of Goober Pyle, his acting career began many years before he joined the show. In fact, when he was really young, he knew that his acting future was going to be bright. He was born in 1928, at a time when color television did not exist yet. It was exceptionally clear that his future was going to be colorful.

Growing up, one of the future stars of The Andy Griffith Show recognized that acting came easily. He seemed to always have a leg up on his classmates.

George Lindsey, Who Starred In “the Andy Griffith Show,” Knew As a Child He Was Going to Be an Actor

In an interview with Melissa Parker in 2008, George Lindsey talked about what his childhood was like. Among many other questions, he described how much better of an actor he was than his friends.

During the Smashing Interviews Magazine article, The Andy Griffith Show star was asked if he had always known he wanted to be an actor or comedian.

Yes, I won every talent show they ever had in school,” The Andy Griffith Show actor said. “Then I went to New York and studied acting. I figured if you were going to do it, that’s the place where you needed to go.”

During grade school, George Lindsey knew that he had something special. His classmates must have been frustrated not to win any of the talent show awards. Back then there likely weren’t any participation awards either.

Nonetheless, Lindsey was able to capitalize on his talent. He took his career to the next level as he grew up, eventually joining The Andy Griffith Show in 1964.