‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Take a Tour of Aunt Bee Actress Frances Bavier’s Home

by Madison Miller

Sheriff Andy Taylor, Barney Fife, Opie, Aunt Bee, and all the other townspeople of the fictional Mayberry, North Carolina, helped create a quant and realistic interpretation of life in a friendly small town on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

When Andy Taylor isn’t being a level-headed sheriff and solving community issues, he’s at home with Aunt Bee and Opie. Aunt Bee, who was played by Frances Bavier, was the maiden aunt and housekeeper.

The three of them spent a lot of time out on the front porch of their quaint home in Mayberry. In 1972, Bavier was looking to settle down and remove herself from the noise and bustle of the entertainment world. She chose to settle down in Siler City, a town that is eerily similar to the fictional Mayberry.

She bought a three-story brick-and-stone home and lived there until she died in 1989 at the age of 86. Many fans of “The Andy Griffith Show” have visited her rustic home since then. She is also buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Siler City, which is not too far from her home.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Actor’s House for Sale

Now, according to The News & Observer, the North Carolina home Bavier used to live in is for sale. The price is currently listed at $425,000. It was cut by $125,000 back in March. The house was actually custom built in 1951 by a local doctor and his wife, a horticulturist.

The house has a grand and open feeling to it. Upon first entering the home, people are greeted by a large white and wood-accented grand staircase that goes up three floors. It also can lead to the other side of the room, which is a foyer with a fireplace. There are 11-foot ceilings and sparkling crystal chandeliers, as well as polished hardwood floors that go along with the rest of the house’s woodwork.

An interesting aspect of the house is that every single room of the house actually has two entrances. This means that people can walk through the entire house without ever having to turn around or backtrack through different rooms.

There is a large kitchen with an island in the center. Fans of “The Andy Griffith Show” can almost picture Aunt Bee standing there making roast beef or other delicious meals. Opie once said she was “the best cook in Mayberry.”

Besides a good-sized kitchen, the house also has three fireplaces, a large living room, a library and office, and 5 bedrooms. There is also a basement in the house that has a recreation room as well as a wood stove, a shower, a garage, and a lot of storage room.

The house has plenty of wide windows that open up to the greenery outside in the North Carolina town.

Frances Bavier Living in Siler City

Bavier moved to Siler City and said once that it reminded even her of the small town of Mayberry.

However, she was very private and wanted to just have a normal life after her time on the show. People had always referred to her as her character on “The Andy Griffith Show.” The small town treated her normally and adored her.

Despite being more reclusive at home with her cats, Bavier left a $100,000 trust fund to the Siler City Police. Her character’s love for food is something she shared as well. According to the Los Angeles Times, there was a cookbook created in her memory called “Aunt Bee’s Mayberry Cookbook.”

Although it has none of Bavier’s personal recipes, it does pay homage to her character. Aunt Bee once opened a Chinese restaurant in Mayberry and also once won appliances by answering a question on a quiz show.

The cookbook is inspired by what she cooked on the show. It has a baked beans recipe, cashew fudge, pork chops, Kerosene cucumbers, amongst many other recipes.