‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Take a Tour of Real Life Mayberry and the Show’s Famous Studio

by Will Shepard

The Andy Griffith Show is an iconic show about a small town in North Carolina. For many people this was the show that they grew up watching, learning from, and thoroughly enjoying.

While many fans are familiar with seeing Mayberry on their TV screens, most have never set eyes on the actual place where the iconic series was filmed.

Griffith is from Mount Airy, North Carolina. The town is quaint, and much like how Mayberry is depicted in The Andy Griffith Show. However, it has gone under a lot of change since the 1960s when the show was filmed.

So, let’s take a tour of the town and the Desilu studio where The Andy Griffith Show was made so popular. A lot of the landmarks are still standing, but some no longer exist.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Main Attractions in the Real-Life North Carolina Town

The “Snappy Lunch” is very much a real place that is still standing to this day. Undoubtedly, in a town of 10,000, it still gets a lot of business, as well as acting as a tourist destination. The diner features an excellent menu, and more importantly, it proudly shows off pictures of the cast all over its walls.

Another attraction that is still around is the barbershop that the characters in the show would frequent. “Floyd’s Barbershop” is likely much the same as the diner.

One important missing detail is the Court House. Andy Griffith and his Deputy Barney Fife spent a lot of their time in the jail. Instead, there is now a studio building standing in its place.

However, perhaps the coolest thing is that Mount Airy has a museum and playhouse specifically dedicated to The Andy Griffith Show. In the museum, they have many of the props and toys from the show that are still in excellent condition.

It definitely seems like it is worth the trip down to the real life Mayberry to check out the town.