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‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Tied This ‘I Love Lucy’ Accomplishment

by Jacklyn Krol
(Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

The Andy Griffith Show managed to become one of only three television shows in history to achieve an impressive milestone.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Tie

I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, and The Andy Griffith Show were the only three shows in history to end their shows at No. 1 through Nielsen Rankings.

I Love Lucy concluded on May 6, 1957. After a total of 161 episodes across six seasons, it ended on top and was the first show in history to do so.

Secondly, the final episode of The Andy Griffith Show aired on April 1, 1968. The sitcom had a total of eight seasons with  249 episodes.

Thirdly, Seinfeld tied for the prestigious honor. The popular sitcom ended on May 14, 1998. The “show about nothing” had a total of nine seasons and 180 episodes.

Other Accomplishments and Fun Facts

I Love Lucy had over 29 million viewers in its first season. Additionally, during Season 1 it became the first show to be seen in 10 million American households.

Me TV cited that 71.7 percent of American televisions tuned into the “Lucy Goes to the Hospital” episode on January 19, 1953. In comparison, only 67.7 percent of American televisions tuned in to witness President Eisenhower’s inauguration the next day.

Furthermore, I Love Lucy was the first scripted show filmed with a live studio audience. Roughly 300 people would pack into the studio audience to watch a filming. Finally, the show has the longest laugh in television history.

The Andy Griffith Show became one of the most successful spinoffs of all time. It was stemmed from the 1960 episode on The Danny Thomas Show, called “Danny Meets Andy Griffith.” The show never ranked below seven on Nielsen Ratings. Additionally, TV Guide ranked it ninth and thirteenth best television shows in American history.

Although it was a spin-off, it also sparked its very own spin-off show with Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The cast later reunited for the televised movie Return to Mayberry.

How the Two Shows Worked Together

Did you know that The Andy Griffith Show featured I Love Lucy? Well, sort of. The same issue of TV Guide magazine with Lucille Ball on the cover was featured on the show countless times. The Walker’s Drugstore had the issue prominently placed on their newsstand.

The magazine was a real issue from 1954. Lucy’s magazine cover is seen in at least three episodes during the first season. See if you can spot the issue, it’s on the rack to the right of the pharmacy’s door.