‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Watch Andy Griffith Sing Catchy Jingle in 1978 Ritz Cracker Commercial

by John Jamison

Sheriff Andy Taylor, Ben Matlock, comedian, and… 1970s rapper? “The Andy Griffith Show” star truly was a man of many talents. In 1978, he appeared as a spokesman for Nabisco in a commercial promoting Ritz Crackers.

In the commercial, Griffith performs a song that implores the audience to “Ritz it.” And even though the commercial is over 40 years old, it still works. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t want a Ritz after watching Andy’s pitch.

In true song-speak fashion, his style landing somewhere between “A Boy Named Sue” and “Rapper’s Delight,” Andy Griffith smiles and delivers the jingle.

“Well here’s what friends are all about. They’re giving their time to help you out, and you want to show you care, so you Ritz it,” he says in the commercial.

“Ritz Crackers make the occasion right. There’s gold and goodness in every bite. And times like these seem warmer when you Ritz it,” he continues.

“It’s the great entertainer, the cracker that fits, cause friends are special and so is Ritz. They know you’re saying thank you when you Ritz it,” he finishes before signing off with “Good cracker, from Nabisco.”

Griffith honestly hands in a strong performance. He’s enthusiastic, on rhythm, and looks good while he does it.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star Had Multiple Ritz TV Spots

The 1978 commercial is easily the most fun one of all. But Griffith was a pretty prolific Ritz spokesman back in the day.

The 1977 version finds Andy telling you what fits on a crisp Ritz cracker. He says “crisp Ritz cracker” so many times, it feels like Nabisco is trying to hypnotize the consumer base.

“I’d like to talk to you about good things to eat. Like Swiss cheese on a crisp Ritz cracker, or a chunk of ham on a crisp Ritz cracker,” he says. “Peanut butter and jelly on a crip Ritz cracker. Everything tastes great when it sits on a Ritz.”

You get the point. Anything is good when you put it on a Ritz. No one is arguing with that.

In 1979, Griffith appeared once again as the Ritz guy. This time he’s teaching us how to party. And how do you party? By opening a box of Ritz crackers, of course.