‘The Beverly Hillbillies’: How Much Did It Cost Show to Rent the Iconic Mansion?

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

When it comes to famous homes from TV shows, the Beverly Hillbillies mansion tops the list. With its grandeur and magnificence, the house is nearly as iconic as the show. For years, viewers tuned in each week to see what the Clampett family was up to in their new Beverly Hills mansion. While many shows used Hollywood sets and sound stages, “The Beverly Hillbillies” mansion was a real home that production had to rent.

According to Me TV, the sitcom paid $500 per day to shoot at the Hollywood estate. The house known as the Kirkeby Mansion sits at 750 Bel Air Road, in Bel Air, not in Beverly Hills. The estate was owned by a man named Arnold Kirkeby. Kirkeby made his millions in Chicago, working as a hotelier from a chain of hotels. He also operated luxury hotels such as the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, the Warwick Hotel in New York.

The History behind ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ Home

Yet, long before the mansion became the Kirkeby mansion, it was built in the 1930s for $2 million, which would be equivalent to $37 million by today’s standards. The home’s engineer built the house as a gift for his wife. However, his wife found the house too extravagant and put the house on the market.

Even though the show paid their daily rent, the homeowners eventually grew tired of having a TV crew in and out of the estate. For them, they didn’t want all the attention the show garnered.

Before shooting at the estate, the owners upheld a rule that they could shoot there as long as the show’s location wasn’t publicly revealed. Sadly, the news eventually came out, and tourists came in droves to get a glimpse of the pad.

Why the Clampetts Got Kicked Out

“We asked that no one reveal the real location of the mansion,” the show’s creator, Paul Henning told the Archive of American Television. “And everyone went along with us. Then, I think it was TV Guide who said the actual ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ mansion is located at – and gave the address. From that day on, those wonderful people who had given us permission to film there were besieged by people just driving up to the house, knocking on the door. And said, ‘Where are the Beverly Hillbillies?'”

Tragically, the mansion’s owner lost her husband in a plane crash and wanted to be left alone. After people kept knocking on her door, she asked Henning to find a new location for the Clampetts.

“She said, ‘I hate to do this. But we can no longer have this location known. Because people are driving us crazy,'” Henning recalled. “Tourists would drive up and annoy them. I said, ‘Perfectly understandable. And we’ll use whatever stock footage we have. And we’ll no longer film at the mansion.”