‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Revealed Barry Williams ‘Thought of Himself’ as an Adult with Robert Reed, Florence Henderson

by Joe Rutland

Even though Barry Williams was one of “The Brady Bunch” kids, he actually viewed himself as an adult member of the show.

That’s according to Christopher Knight, who played middle brother Peter Brady, in a 2019 interview on “Really Famous with Kara Meyer Robinson.”

“Barry was hanging out with Florence and Bob,” Knight said of his costar on “The Brady Bunch.” “He thought of himself and recognized himself as an adult.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Said Williams Saw Himself As Older Than Actual Age

Knight said Williams was the youngest of three boys in his real-life family. He adds that Williams and his elder brothers have between 4-8 years between them in age.

“And he identified with his brothers so he was, at the time 14, probably identifying around 20,” Knight said. “He always thought of himself as an adult so he saw himself as a contemporary of Florence and Bob’s.” Bob refers to actor Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady, the father of the TV family.

When asked if Williams was hanging out romantically with “The Brady Bunch” matriarch Henderson, who played Carol Brady, Knight said, “No, they would joke around a lot.

Knight Calls Affection Williams Had For Henderson ‘Puppy Love’

“It was a puppy love, I think there was an affection that Barry had for Florence,” he said. “And Florence, I think, enjoyed it as any woman would to some degree. And then, you know, would not let it go any further.”

Henderson and Reed are no longer alive, along with other “The Brady Bunch” adult costar Ann B. Davis, who played Alice the housekeeper. In a rather ironic twist of fate, Williams, at 66 years old, is currently the oldest living member of the original show cast still alive.

In another interview, Williams gives his two cents on Knight’s Peter character causing a ruckus.

“Peter was always getting in the way,” Williams said in a 2017 interview with the Australian TV show Studio 10. “Throwing the football at Marcia (Maureen McCormick). Dropping a basketball down the stairs and breaking Mom’s favorite vase. Then he lost his voice as we were just about to hit it big as recording artists.

“Thank goodness I could write a song around it,” he said tongue-in-cheek.

Williams said he and Knight remain good friends, adding that the same goes for all “The Brady Bunch” kids-now-adult actors.