‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Christopher Knight Expressed Complicated Feelings About His Regrets

by Joe Rutland

Actor Christopher Knight of “The Brady Bunch” has dealt with different issues in life after the series. Regrets? He, like many, has a few.

“Any life regrets? Little ones, I mean not regrets but things I should have done,” Knight, who played middle brother Peter Brady, said in a 2019 interview for “Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson.” “I wish I would have finished school. I wish I could’ve.

“(And) I would have enjoyed, you know, school had I been able to conquer some of the stuff that ADHD sort-of brings with it,” he said. Knight has dealt with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder throughout his life.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Believes More Awareness of ADHD Could’ve Helped Him

“If I was just aware of it and had people around me, perhaps, aware of it,” Knight said. “And maybe I was born 20 years late. People would have identified it for me.”

What is Knight grateful for in his life? Instead of focusing on regrets, he shifts his focus on to “The Brady Bunch.”

“Well I’m sitting here, the obvious thing is the thing I’m grateful for because it still bears fruit today 50 years later,” Knight said.

He points out what he called the “very lucky choice” show creator Sherwood Schwartz made in hiring him to play Peter.

Knight Calls Out ‘All The Luck That It Took’ For Show To Stay On ABC

He also talks about “all the luck that it took for the show to remain on the air for five years and for it to continue to exist for another 45 years.”

Knight says he’s grateful, in a personal way, “for the experience because it provided me an alternative family environment and structure that was healthy.”

He said it helped balance one on “The Brady Bunch” against one that wasn’t as healthy at home.

Knight gets asked who his best friend was during those days.

“Umm, Michael — Michael Lookinland,” Knight said. “We palled around like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. We were just little kids in a crazy place to explore.”

Lookinland played younger brother Bobby Brady on the show. Lookinland found himself leaving the world of show business pretty soon after “The Brady Bunch” wrapped for good. He, like Knight, would make appearances on reunion shows and TV specials here and there.

“The Brady Bunch” ran between 1969-74 on ABC and has been a classic TV staple in reruns since leaving the network.