‘The Brady Bunch’: Actor Christopher Knight Reveals His ‘Guilty Pleasure’ in 2020 Interview

by Anna Dunn

In a 2020 interview with Really Famous with Kara Meyer Robinson, The Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight revealed his ultimate guilty pleasure.

“Sitting back and literally sleeping in until noon is a guilty pleasure. It’s something I’m getting closer and closer to every day with this pandemic. And then I binge-watch something the night before that causes that,” he said. “So [my] guilty pleasures are binge-watching whatever is on at the moment, binge-reading the news, and then sleeping in until noon. Being lazy.”

For many, that’s quite a relatable guilty pleasure, especially for the incredibly bizarre times last year. To give The Brady Bunch actor some credit, there was no guidebook about how to handle a pandemic when stuck at home.

Christopher Knight Grew Close To Fellow Cast Members On ‘The Brady Bunch

When you spend five years working closely with a cast and crew, you’re bound to make some bonds. Christopher Knight had a lot of close friendships on set.

He once described him and Mike Lookinland as “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.” Lookinland played the youngest brother, Bobby Brady.

“We were just little kids in a crazy place to explore,” he said of the friendship. Being young in Hollywood is infamously tough. The two had a strong connection.

He also had a bond with his TV father, Robert Reed. For directors, Reed may have been difficult to work with at times, but he got on well with the kids. Lookinland really looked up to him and expressed regret that he never got to tell Reed, who passed away in 1992, just how much he meant to him.

“I hadn’t started suffering those kind of losses yet, so it was one of the first. I didn’t realize, well, never had a chance to tell him what he meant. So that was sad, to let that passage go,” he said in a Studio 10 interview.

While people loved Knight and his co-stars on The Brady Bunch, he eventually decided that acting wasn’t for him. Knight now works in the tech industry. The self-described “geek” has expressed a ton of pride and passion for his job, which he felt was more of a true calling to him than acting.

Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t do the occasional interview. In recent years, the former actor has opened up about the difficulties of being a child star and talked about general life on set, so he’s stayed quite busy. While he may consider it a guilty pleasure, it sounds like the busy Brady Bunch star deserves some days of sleeping in.