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‘The Brady Bunch’: One Actor Explained Why Show’s House Was ‘As Much a Character’ as Cast

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

The Brady Bunch kids were all known for their most defining characteristics—from the popular and beautiful Marcia to the clumsy and sometimes impulsive Peter. But the sitcom’s actors recently revealed that they shared the set with another important character—the Brady family home.

When the Martins and Brady’s first blended into one family, The Brady Bunch transitioned from awkward strangers to a true, loving family. This was of course mostly because of the antics and adventures the kids and parents experience together, but the family’s environment also played a significant role.

In a group interview on The Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast, the Brady actors discussed the show’s home.

Making ‘The Brady Bunch’ House Into a Home

“One thing that they knew in the back of their minds was something that 100 million Americans understand, and that is that that house is as much of a character in that show as any of us,” said Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, the youngest of The Brady Bunch brothers. “I mean, think about it: the orange countertop, Mike’s den, the staircase. It’s an iconic American touchstone — but it didn’t exist, it wasn’t real!”

The realistic characteristics of the Brady home made the set feel more real to the viewers and therefore more relevant and believable. Instead of watching a strange family inside their home, the viewers could picture the house as their own.

The Brady-est Character of Them All

While everyone has their own favorite Brady character, Huffpost believes that some of the characters outrank others. The defining characteristics? Brains, heart and humility.

The bottom two children of The Brady Bunch were also the youngest, which might be unfair given the fact that they had less life experience. Nevertheless, Cindy and Bobby Brady placed fifth and sixth among the characters, as they didn’t show much individuality and tended to be quite naive. But come on, what kids aren’t at that age?

Surprisingly, the three Brady kids most popular among their peers place in the middle of the rankings. Peter, the middle child, like his two younger siblings ironically didn’t have much character. He often doubted himself and had low self-esteem, while the rest of the bunch showed more confidence in their personalities. Ranking as number four, we can’t help but think this is where he would put himself, too.

The Top Three Brady’s

Greg and Marcia finish a little higher at third and second, respectively. They seem to be the gender counterparts of the same character with problems like dating, school rivalries and insecurities. It seems only fitting that they place side-by-side.

They see substantial character growth throughout The Brady Bunch storyline. However, the two oldest Brady kids seem to always value looks more than anything else, which is “not the Brady way (at least according to Carol and Mike).”

The Brady-est kid of all is none-other-than Jan. Although she is the middle Brady daughter, Jan rises above her older sister’s shadow and comes into her own personality that is refreshing from Marcia’s superficiality. Throughout the show, Jan develops a strong voice and a quick wit, sass and a knack for art. No other Brady child embodied the family’s values quite like her.