‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Revealed First Time Their Child Saw Them on Show: ‘A Weird, Weird Thing’

by Joe Rutland

It must be wild to have a television star’s child watch their parent on a show. For this star of “The Brady Bunch,” the word would be weird.

When talking about her time on the show, actor Maureen McCormick gets asked about when her daughter first saw Mom on a TV screen.

“She was probably around five years old, and was just — she couldn’t really figure it out, that I looked that young, you know?” McCormick said in an interview with Jenny Stewart in November 2009. “I think it was just a weird, weird thing for her.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star McCormick Has Long-Term Marriage In Her Life

McCormick also was asked if her daughter, who was 19 at the time of the 2009 interview, had recently watched any episodes of “The Brady Bunch.”

“We have ‘The Brady Bunch’ DVD box set at the house,” she said, speaking about herself and husband Michael Cummings. “A lot of the times, she stays up after we go to bed, so I have no idea if she’s watching them or not, I’d have to ask her.”

She’s been married to Cummings for more than three decades. They met while McCormick was in the midst of getting sober from a substance abuse problem. One time, she relapsed on cocaine. He threatened to leave if McCormick had another relapse. From that moment until today, she’s stayed sober.

Being so connected to the role of Marcia Brady on “The Brady Bunch” hasn’t been easy for McCormick. She, along with a number of her castmates, found themselves typecast after the show was canceled by ABC. McCormick has appeared in numerous reunion shows, though, over the years. Still, having a career after the show ended has been frustrating for her.

McCormick Gets Juicy Role During Second Season Of ‘Happy Days’

But Maureen McCormick did have a rather interesting role in another ABC hit show, “Happy Days.”

She plays Hildie on a second-season episode called “Cruisin’.” The plot has Richie, Potsie, and Ralph out looking for girls. Ron Howard played Richie Cunningham, Anson Williams played Potsie, and Don Most played Ralph.

Hildie is one of three girls that Richie, Potsie, and Ralph see near the local pharmacy. Hildie needs some help with a lock at her house. Potsie said he would help her and off they go.

But the guys end up getting disappointed. Why? Hildie and her friends were using them to make their boyfriends feel jealous.

McCormick has stayed busy through philanthropic work and focusing on her family, too. Being able to come to terms with “The Brady Bunch” role and staying sober have helped as well.