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‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Said Role on Show Was ‘Easier’ Than Most, Addressed Typecasting

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Darlene Hammond/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

The early 1970s can be summed up fairly well by the antics in The Brady Bunch. Even though the show ran for only five seasons, it still enjoys popularity today.

To this day, The Brady Bunch remains a classic American sitcom. Every element in the show has been replicated many times since the show finished. Barry Williams, for one, knows the ins and outs of the sitcom business as well as anyone. His character, Greg Brady, won many people over.

He does have an interesting take on the show, though. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun in 2003, Williams said that The Brady Bunch was easy for him.

The Brady Bunch is probably one of the easier gigs I’ve ever had, and it pales in comparison to opening night in New York (on Broadway) in terms of discipline, skills, ability, talent, and pressure.”

So, nearly three decades after being on the show, Williams said that this was an easy show. Even though he was never able to find his way into significant parts afterward, his statement speaks volumes.

While he doesn’t specify what exactly was so easy about it, it’s the comparison that stands out. He makes it clear that other roles he had were much more complicated than his role on The Brady Bunch.

“The Brady Bunch” Star Dealing With Being Typecast as Greg Brady

Once the show ended, its popularity continued to surge, which meant one thing for the actors. Even decades later, the actors are still recognized for their work on the show.

Almost all of the actors were typecast as the character they played on The Brady Bunch. In particular, Barry Williams became known almost exclusively as his character – Greg Brady.

But The Brady Bunch actor never took issue with being typecast. Instead, many years later, he is just happy to have been on the show. In the same interview, he talked about how he was never bothered by being known solely as Greg Brady.

“But typecasting is part and parcel of the business. Whatever you’re known for first, or is the biggest, is usually what sticks. Just try interviewing Sean Connery [without] bringing up James Bond or Sylvester Stallone with Rocky.”

While he compares himself to some extremely well-known actors, it is explicitly evident he has no problem being known as Greg Brady. And, in all fairness to Williams, Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch is certainly not a bad character to be known as.

There are plenty of moments over the years on the show that will make you howl with laughter. Many of those moments are brought to you by The Brady Bunch’s Greg Brady.