‘The Brady Bunch’: One Actor’s Spinoff Stage Show Featured ‘The Partridge Family’ Crossover

by Keeli Parkey

After the original run of “The Brady Bunch” came to an end in 1974, the child actors who rose to stardom thanks to the show’s success moved on to other things. For some, this included other acting projects.

One of the “The Brady Kids” who chose to pursue an acting career after the show ended was Barry Williams. Viewers of “The Brady Bunch” will remember Williams as the actor who portrayed the eldest son, Greg Brady, on the wildly popular family sitcom.

After the show came to an end, and Williams decided he wanted to continue his acting career, his path eventually led him to a stage in Branson, Missouri. According to an interview the actor gave to HollywoodChicago.com during 2012, his stage show in Branson allowed him to continue his acting career – as well as continuing singing, which he enjoyed.

It was during the popular sitcom’s run that Williams fell in love with performing music and singing. And, it was while he worked on the show that he discovered a talent for music, according to the article.

His Branson show was titled “The Brady Bunch Lunch.” And, it included a pretty interesting television crossover. The stage show allowed Williams to stay connected to his “Brady Bunch” roots, as well as showcase his musical talents.

‘The Brady Bunch Lunch’ Competition Created Greg Brady vs. Keith Partridge Scenario

As part of his show, “The Brady Bunch Lunch,” Barry Williams would take his audience on a walk down memory lane. He would share stories from his time working on the show.

He would also take the audience through the history of the show. To do this, he used actors to portray the cast on his stage. The stage show included performances in tribute to the early days of the show. It also included performances by the “Brady’s” as they aged.

According to the article, the show just wasn’t a walk down memory lane. In fact, Barry Williams encouraged his audience to play a game. This game was a contest between famous television older brothers. And, it pitted Greg Brady against Keith Partridge.

“Let me put it another way. It doesn’t so much surprise me but fills me with gratitude, because of the multi-generation appeal. I put on a show that goes through the various stages of ‘The Brady Bunch,’ and I use actors and singers to represent the kids,” Williams said. “We perform the music and wear the costumes, from the beginnings all the way up to the variety show. We even have a competition between the Bradys that wishes Greg wasn’t the big brother, but Keith Partridge was. And if that doesn’t work, how about Donny Osmond or Michael Jackson?”

His “Brady” Branson, Missouri, show also allowed Williams to showcase his talents – and “The Brady Bunch” legacy to fans of all ages.

“We branch into all styles of music, and I just think it’s fun that literally grandparents can bring their children and their children’s children, and there is always a touch point of familiarity,” he also said. “I’m proud to represent it and to deliver it.”