‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Said One Type of Performing Was More ‘Challenging’ than TV Acting

by Jon D. B.

According to The Brady Bunch‘s Marcia Brady herself, Maureen McCormick, this one variety of performing was far more “challenging” than television acting.

While appearing on The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show in 2017, Brady Bunch alum Maureen McCormick – who fans know and love as Marcia Brady – delved deep into her performance career with the hosts.

Within, host Jim Norton asks the Brady Bunch alum how her experiences with acting have differed over the years. Specifically, he’s curious if playing Marcia Brady for so long was a challenge. Or, did McCormick find her
“live” work – such as Broadway and studio broadcasts – more difficult?

“I would say for me… But I have to say I haven’t done a play in a while,” the actress notes at the start. “Grease, live [on Broadway], when I was doing that, was the last thing I’ve done live,” she notes.

The actress, of course, played Betty Rizzo for her Broadway debut in Grease circa 1994. And compared to her many years as Marcia Brady, McCormick says she definitely “found that more challenging, because I grew up doing TV and movies. So that was kind of my safety net, which is so crazy.”

Regardless of her own bias and “safety net,” the actress and singer says she holds great respect for performers of all mediums, whether it be on film or live for theatre.

“I think they’re both incredibly challenging,” the Brady Bunch star adds.

‘The Brady Bunch’s Maureen McCormick Finds Life Through ‘Spontaneity’

Through all her acting experience, one emotional state in particular continues to stand out for McCormick.

As the trio wrap up discussing live vs film work, McCormick adds that no matter the medium, it’s all about “keeping it spontaneous, and trying to stay in the moment.”

The Brady Bunch alum says this is true of “everything in life,” too, she finds. “That’s such a great thing to live for and inspire to,” she pinpoints of spontaneity.

In the end, however, she reiterates that she’s “always been more comfortable with the TV/movie [acting] because it’s just what I grew up with.”

“But, man, to go see a great, incredible live play… There’s nothing like it. They’re all such amazing mediums.”

And there’s no doubt after watching the full interview that Maureen McCormick has learned much from spontaneity – both the good and bad kind. For much more from the Brady Bunch star on her long-running career, catch the sit-down below courtesy of Jim Norton & Sam Roberts: