‘The Brady Bunch’ Actors Explained Why They Were ‘Cut Out’ of Variety Show Numbers

by John Jamison

Fans of “The Brady Bunch” will undoubtedly remember the short-lived “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.” As a follow-up to the original show, the variety hour saw the cast perform a series of comedy sketches and musical dance numbers. And even though the show featured the entire family, the two youngest members were often left out of scenes.

Bobby and Cindy Brady, played by Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen, were still underage when “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” was filmed in the mid-1970s. As a result, the pair were subject to children’s labor laws when the rest of the cast wasn’t. This made the filming process somewhat tricky and led to the two of them being cut out of the show’s scenes.

In an interview from the DVD release of “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour,” Mike and Susan recalled how difficult this period was as high school students.

“We kept getting cut out of different numbers because we were still underage,” And so we were doing school on the set. And also, the difference to me is that we would shoot for a couple weeks then go back to school. We’re back and forth and back and forth. So I kept seeing my regular friends. But they couldn’t handle dealing with the schedule of minors.”

Susan goes on to describe how the scheduling conflicts made it difficult for them to rehearse the numbers.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Hardly Even Remembers What Working on the Variety Hour was Like

Mike Lookinland had his own recollection of what working on the show was like. And because “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” only lasted one season, he only remembered bits and pieces of the experience.

“I don’t have a very good recollection of what doing the variety show was even like, you know. I have snippets in my memory. It didn’t last that long, you know. We were only at it for a couple of months. And I didn’t enjoy it. I kind of wanted to forget about it,” Mike said in the interview. “It was not the kind of Brady thing that I wanted to be involved with.”

Mike added that looking back, they all appear to be having a good time because they probably were. He thought that he forgot about it so easily because he went to college soon after and moved on with his life. In contrast, the time he spent on the original “The Brady Bunch” was a much stronger and fonder memory.