‘The Brady Bunch’: One Actress Revealed Why She Turned Down Cameo in 1995 Reunion Film

by Joe Rutland

Producers of a movie about “The Brady Bunch” wanted one of the show’s original stars to fill a type of role. She turned them down.

In 1995, “The Brady Bunch Movie” was released. It had a lot of similar pieces to the beloved TV sitcom, but the movie’s makers wanted Florence Henderson in it. Of course, Henderson played Carol Brady on the original show.

The plan was for Henderson to make a brief appearance in the film. Shelley Long, who, like Henderson, comes from Indiana, played Carol Brady in the film.

Henderson Held Strong Feelings For ‘The Brady Bunch’ TV Show

In a 1994 interview, Henderson talks about the entire episode around her appearance.

“They wanted me to do a cameo — some big, macho truck driver with a cigarette pack rolled up in my sleeve,” Henderson said. “I’ll do almost anything for a laugh, but that wasn’t funny.

“I felt like it would be cheapening ‘The Brady Bunch’ and the rapport we have built with our audience,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to do anything to denigrate that show. It means so much to so many people.”

Now Henderson did make an appearance in the movie but on her own terms. From the time “The Brady Bunch” left ABC’s airwaves through all of the reunion shows and TV specials, she respected the show and its fans.

Henderson stayed that way throughout the rest of her life. She died on Nov. 24, 2016, from heart failure.

Christopher Knight Comes To Peace With His Role

While Henderson was OK being recognized as Carol Brady, one of the other child actors wanted to distance himself as much as possible.

Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady, went through a lot of years where he began resenting that role.

“I went through my period where I didn’t want to be a Brady,” Knight said in an interview with PopEntertainment.com. “I wanted to ignore it and I wanted it to go away. But then I had an epiphany that this thing is bigger than I am. It’s always in the room before I am, it’s always in the room after I am.”

Those five years on the show might have been great in some ways. Knight wanted people to know him, Christopher Knight, and not only connect with Peter Brady.

“As a matter of fact, for most people, Peter is the identity they know,” Knight said. “This thing doesn’t die, and it probably won’t. Then it’s something I have to either learn to live with, and at best learn to love it and appreciate it as others have, or it is going to be a very difficult life. I learned to make certain that it was a great anecdote, but it wasn’t the full me.”