‘The Brady Bunch’: Alice Nelson Actress, Ann B. Davis, Sings Quirky Jingle in 1983 Rice Commercial

by Joe Rutland

America’s favorite housekeeper, Ann B. Davis of “The Brady Bunch,” brought some of her magic to a 1983 commercial for rice.

Davis, who played Alice Nelson on the popular ABC family sitcom, offers her acting and singing talents while pitching Minute Rice.

When listening to the commercial, the jingle’s melody might sound familiar. It’s based on a song called “Anything Goes,” written by Cole Porter and performed by singers like Frank Sinatra.

Interested in seeing how Davis manages to perform in the Minute Rice commercial? Look no further than right here and see her at work.

People might be a bit surprised to see Davis take part in a commercial. Early in her career, doing TV commercials helped her get jobs in the business. She played “Schotzy” on “The Bob Cumnings Show” between 1955-59, winning two Emmy Awards for her work.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Played Alice On The Show For Five Seasons

She played Alice the housekeeper on “The Brady Bunch” from 1969-74. Her role was one that Davis created herself, while executive producer Sherwood Schwartz was just looking for a housekeeper. Davis added more to it than simply being in that role.

After the show left the air, Davis moved out of Los Angeles in 1976 and lived as part of an Episcopal Church community for the rest of her life.

While she still worked in the entertainment industry, Davis didn’t want to be in the hub of all the television and movie work anymore.

Davis would appear in some of “The Brady Bunch” reunion shows and even had a cameo in “The Brady Bunch Movie.” Guess which role she played? If you said Alice, then you are wrong. No, Davis appears as a character named “Schotzy.” She gives a shoutout to her old character from the Cummings show, which also was called “Love That Bob.”

Ann B. Davis died on June 1, 2014, at 88 years old in San Antonio, Texas. Her place among the other cast members of “The Brady Bunch” is secure thanks to the world of syndicated TV.

One Cast Member Admitted That Davis Intimidated Him A Lot

While viewers see Davis as the happy-go-lucky Alice, at least one cast member from “The Brady Bunch” felt intimidated by her.

Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on the show, admitted this during a 2019 interview with Forbes. Knight said Davis came into work “really well-prepared.”

“She was a comedian, but it wasn’t as though she was effervescent with humor,” Knight said. “Humor was more engineered. She knew how to deliver humor. But it wasn’t ever-present in her person in the moment.”

Knight said that Davis “was more of a person who was going to get you to be more of an adult than you would have been otherwise, which is not a bad thing.”

He did say he was “a little intimidated by her” on the set. Knight added, “But we all have our individual takes on this and my view is not shared by others.”