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‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Revealed a ‘Cringe-Worthy’ Moment from the Show

by Amy Myers
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As many classic moments that The Brady Bunch had, there were also a few overly-cheesy ones. While the message behind the “cringe-worthy” moment is always sincere, sometimes, the scene appears too fake. For Barry Williams, the actor behind heartthrob Greg, one episode, in particular, came to mind. It wasn’t so much the dialogue, the clothes or any of the stage direction. Rather, it had to do with the storyline itself.

In Season 5 Episode 15, Greg and Marcia Brady got into a heated debate over which gender had the better driving skills. The debate followed Marcia’s driving test in which she received her license on the second try. After hearing enough of their children’s squabbles, The Brady Bunch parents constructed a driving course that would prove once in for all who the better driver was.

“That stupid episode [“The Driver’s Seat”],” Williams told New York Post. I told the writers at the time that no one would ever believe it. It had to with Marcia and Greg competing in a driving contest with an egg on top of a cone, and then Greg was supposed to lose. Well, c’mon … you mean I’m gonna knock the cone off for real? I just hit the accelerator and closed my eyes and cringed.”

Watch the scene Williams recalled in the clip below.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Admitted He ‘Felt Cool at the Time’ of Show

The reason The Brady Bunch actor found this moment so “cringe-worthy” wasn’t because Marcia won the challenge, rather it was how she won. The final part of the test required both young drivers to park within an inch-and-a-half of a cone with an egg on top. While closing in on the cone, Greg’s nerves got the best of him and he tapped the accelerator, knocking the egg clean off the top. Marcia celebrated her win and the family declared her the better driver.

For Williams, he likely felt that the writers were forcing the scene, creating a patronizing effect. If you’re going to have Marcia win, at least write in some Evel Knievel-type tricks into her part.

As for the wardrobe and hairstyles of the time, Williams shared that he had no shame about any of the choices he made with his appearance. In fact, he felt totally groovy.

“I never apologize for any of the clothing — look at the ’80s hair bands,” The Brady Bunch star said. “I felt cool at the time and felt we weren’t the most extreme in terms of fashion.”

The Brady Bunch often wore modest sweaters, bell-bottom pants and lots of bright colors. With the girls’ long locks and the boys’ bushy bobs, the family was the classic example of ’70s style – and they rocked every second of it.