‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Explained Why Florence Henderson Had Three Memorials After Her Death

by Joe Rutland

Florence Henderson is a classic TV star people miss. “The Brady Bunch” mom was so beloved that three memorials were held after her death.

Henderson died on Nov. 24, 2016, at 82 years old from heart failure. Barry Williams, who played the oldest son Greg Brady on the ABC sitcom, talked about why those many memorials took place.

Williams talks about how he and the other five kids on “The Brady Bunch” made it through that time after Henderson died.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Sang At Henderson’s Broadway Memorial

“Actually, there were three memorials for her,” Williams said in an interview with Australian TV show Studio 10. “There was one that was just mostly family, she had two families, the Brady family and her own family (Henderson had four kids of her own). And there was a public memorial in Los Angeles, and then I attended the one in New York City on Broadway.”

Williams said he sang at the Broadway memorial a song called “Gone Too Soon.”

“I practiced it and practiced it,” he said. “Because I didn’t want to break down and get caught up in it. I didn’t but everyone else did and that’s the way it was supposed to work.

“She was an amazing lady,” Williams said of his “The Brady Bunch” costar. “The things that she wanted to do more than anything else was to make you laugh. And she would go to all kinds of lengths to do that. Sometimes, her language and the nature of her sense of humor would be quite surprising.”

Mike Lookinland Recalls Words Of Wisdom From Carol Brady Actor

The news of Henderson’s death hit all of the remaining cast members of “The Brady Bunch” hard.

Mike Lookinland, who played the youngest son Bobby, recalled a piece of wisdom she gave to all of the children on the show.

“She said, very specifically, ‘You kids, be good to your fans, love your fans,'” he said. “She said it was part of the deal to interact with and be kind to and appreciate and love your fans. I took that to heart and tried to do that.”

Lookinland also remembered how close his mother and Henderson were to one another. He said both of them were the same age.

“My mom and Florence were great friends,” he said. “They were together a lot. It makes you think you should spend more time with the people you love because they might not be here tomorrow.”

He made his comments in a 2016 interview with the New York Daily News.