‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Adamantly Explained Why He’s ‘Never Apologized’ for Being on Show

by Evan Reier

For some actors, their days of being a child star are hard to look back at it. While understandable, don’t count The Brady Bunch star Barry Williams in that group.

In fact, Williams has often brought up his pride and appreciation for his role on the show. While it wasn’t always the positive, groovy image the show presented, it’s not a part of his life that Williams has any regrets about.

In 2003, the Greg Brady actor spoke passionately about how he views the show after decades gone by. His interview with the Las Vegas Sun is a perfect example of his attitude.

“I have never apologized for being in ‘The Brady Bunch,'” Williams said. “I’ve always spoken well of it, even in the book and the press. In some respects, I am as responsible as anyone, if not more so, for kind of keeping the spirit of what the Bradys are about alive.”

Further, Williams explained what about the show pushes him and others to keep its legacy going. The show featured growth and love amongst the characters and pushed a message of family that people can relate to regardless of era.

“When something has withstood the test of time like this, you have to go the fundamental elements of the show and look at what it’s about. Above all, it’s about family. It’s about communication. It’s about getting along,” Williams said. “[The Brady Bunch] is about doing the right thing. It’s moralistic. All the lessons are of good solid family values.”

The proof for Williams’ comments is seen every day. The show is still in syndication and has been a hit with several generations after the show’s end.

The Time The Brady Bunch Called in Barry Williams After He Smoked a Joint

The cast of The Brady Bunch have countless stories about the good and bad of making the show. Whether it was off-screen romances or on-set hijinks, it seemed like the Brady clan always had something interesting going on.

One of the more hilarious stories comes from Williams when he detailed in his autobiography about a day he was called in to film the show. But, as you can guess, it wasn’t that simple, as the actor had just blazed a joint with friends.

Hanging out with his older brother and their friends, the young actor was high when the show hit him up. He got the call from a producer, and while he wasn’t in a place to act, he answered the call anyways.

Initially, Williams said he felt “very cool” and was eager to work while high. After getting some eye drops, he was enthusiastic and was “innovating” new ways to make the show better, even though the filming was a simple shot that just featured a bicycle with a flat tire.

“In my mind, I made up a history for the bike,” Williams said. “Why it needed air, what happened to the tire, where I had been riding it at the time,” Williams wrote in the book. “When rehearsal began, I proceeded to get involved with the spokes of the wheel, forming a relationship with each individual spoke, and then trying to come up with a more aerodynamic design for them.”

Williams then had a comedown of sorts. He struggled to read the lines correctly, tripped over a prop, and just had a hard time.

“Getting stoned instead left me…feeling as phony as the turf in the Brady’s backyard,” Williams said. “Maybe I should’ve just smoked that.”