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‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Detailed Romantic Setup He Had for Maureen McCormick in 2013 Interview

by Evan Reier
American actors Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams, stars of the US TV sitcom 'The Brady Bunch', circa 1972. (Photo by Darlene Hammond/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

The Brady Bunch featured an array of entertaining dynamics on screen. Those same relationships produced sparks away from it.

It’s no secret that there was fun and romance had on the set. A large group of young kids all hitting their teenage years on a set? Of course there would be.

When Greg Brady actor Barry Williams talked with the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2013, he gave some new context to his relationship with Marcia actor Maureen McCormick.

“The second-most asked question in my world,” Williams started. “Is ‘Did Maureen McCormick and, or Marcia Brady, and I date? Were we an item? And the answer is yes, we did. Definitely.”Willi

The beginning of the Brady Bunch actor’s answer is common knowledge. In the decades since the show’s original run, it’s been rehashed over and over again that the cast had little hookups and relationships off screen.

It’s also well-known that Williams and McCormick shared her first kiss for the show’s Hawai’i special episodes. However, in the video for Oprah, Williams revealed more details that some The Brady Bunch fans may not find easily.

“In fact, I was her first kiss,” Williams continued. “And that was in Hawai’i while we were filming those episodes. We snuk away, it was a full moon and walked along the sand. Well, I knew where that was headed. Of course, I set it up.”

One can’t help but grin watching Williams play coy about his romantic set up. The Brady Bunch stars may not have stayed together for long, but that moment alone is an incredible moment in TV lore.

The Brady Bunch Star Barry Williams’ Date with Florence Henderson

In the same interview, Barry Williams spoke on his relationship with Florence Henderson, who portrayed Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch. An iconic TV mom who split the gap between excellent acting and excellent looks, Henderson was beloved by many.

Including Williams. The then-teenager famously asked Florence Henderson on a date, which she accepted. Outsider has touched on the topic before, but we hadn’t heard Williams’ additional details until this interview.

“Here’s the low-down on this,” Williams said. “I had a crush on Florence Henderson. Like, who didn’t? She was twice my age and we had a common interest in music. So I took her out to dinner and we talked music and how I might be able to integrate it into my own career. I picked her up in my car, I drove her home, and when we said goodnight, I gave her a little kiss. Well, I kissed her lips. Which was like big stuff for me.”

He even jokingly says that he’s “catching up” to Henderson in the 2013 interview, and that he ought to give her a call. Old flames die hard, eh Barry?

Sadly, Henderson passed away in 2016 at the age of 82.