‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Says Andy Griffith Was a ‘Force’: Here’s Why

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Barry Williams of “The Brady Bunch” remembers watching Andy Griffith while growing up, like many of us. He considers him a “force.” Why?

Williams, who played older brother Greg Brady on the ABC family sitcom, shares his thoughts in a MeTV Tampa Bay interview with host Mike Deeson.

Now Deeson asks Williams to choose his favorite between two characters, Griffith from “The Andy Griffith Show” or Jim Nabors from “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.” It’s worth noting that both shows are a part of the MeTV lineup.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Points Out Griffith Brought Nabors Onto Griffith’s Show

“As you may know, there would be no Gomer Pyle if it wasn’t for Andy Griffith,” Williams said. “Andy Griffith brought Jim Nabors onto his show and that’s what launched Jim Nabors into Gomer Pyle.”

Williams, who was a part of “The Brady Bunch” for all five seasons it was on network TV, said you have to give Griffith credit where credit is due.

“This guy [Griffith] was a force, kind of a Michael Landon force in television,” he said. “Everything he touched was successful.”

Griffith played Sheriff Andy Taylor for eight seasons on his TV show. Landon, obviously, played “Little Joe” Cartwright on “Bonanza.” Griffith and Landon alike would go on to find TV success beyond their initial forays into the medium.

Williams Finds Himself As Part of Iconic Classic TV Show

“The Brady Bunch” is an iconic classic TV show thanks to the power of reruns. It ultimately led Williams and other cast members into other Brady-related TV shows and movies.

What’s interesting to note, as well, is that the show left ABC in 1974. It’s been a part of syndicated TV since the mid-1970s. In other words, the reruns are introducing generation after generation to the family-friendly show.

Williams was elder brother to Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland, who played Peter and Bobby Brady, respectively. Robert Reed played their father, Mike Brady, on the show. That foursome played opposite of Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, and Florence Henderson, who played the mother, Carol Brady..

We cannot leave out Ann B. Davis, who played Alice the housekeeper for five seasons.

Ann B. Davis Was Lone Cast Member To Win Emmys, But It Wasn’t For ‘Brady Bunch’

Meanwhile, “The Brady Bunch” cast members who are still around are just its young stars. All grown up, for sure. Yet Reed, Henderson, and Davis have all died in the past couple of decades.

Here’s a quick cast tidbit. So, did you realize that only one person from the cast won an Emmy Award? It wasn’t even for “The Brady Bunch” at all.

Ann B. Davis won two Emmys as “Schultzy” on the 1950s sitcom “The Bob Cummings Show.” In addition, the show also goes by “Love That Bob” as well. Davis’ character was smitten with the bachelor photographer Cummings played on the show.