‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Stressed the Importance of ‘Timing’ with Show’s Success

by Joe Rutland

Timing is everything. It’s not only true in real estate, but it also carries some merit for popular classic TV shows like “The Brady Bunch.”

Barry Williams, in an interview with WFMZ-TV, was asked if he had any idea the show would still be popular all these years later.

“Television hadn’t been around for 50 years at that point,” he said, referring to when “The Brady Bunch” debuted in 1969. “It was a different era of television and it really has to do with timing.

“Like in life, everything has to do with the timing of things,” Williams said. “Syndication just came into its own right around that period of time and that’s what has kept it on all these years and it’s found new generations of viewers.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Developed Greater Popularity Through Syndication

“The Brady Bunch” definitely has built up a worldwide following thanks to reruns. Generations of viewers have grown up watching Williams, who played Greg Brady, along with other cast members.

The ABC sitcom ran on network TV between 1969-74. Once the show hit syndication, as Williams referred to earlier, its popularity soared higher than in the initial network run.

Robert Reed and Florence Henderson played Mike and Carol Brady, respectively. Ann B. Davis played Alice the housekeeper.

Besides Williams, Christopher Knight played middle brother Peter and Mike Lookinland played younger brother Bobby. Maureen McCormick played the oldest sister Marcia, Eve Plumb played middle sister Jan, and Susan Olsen played younger sister Cindy.

Williams, Maureen McCormick Admit To Having A Few Flings Together

Obviously, the chemistry between older siblings Greg and Marcia on “The Brady Bunch” always seemed to be a topic of discussion. Williams and McCormick have openly admitted they had some real-life flings back in the day.

McCormick wrote about it in “Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice.” She said they made out in Williams’ dressing room on “The Brady Bunch” set.

“Of course, Barry turned (the dressing room) into a bachelor’s pad,” McCormick wrote. “We rolled around on the sofa and the floor, fumbling with each other’s clothes, but every time we got to a crucial point, we seemed to be interrupted by a knock on the door.”

Getting back to timing for a minute, while they felt a connection their timing just wasn’t right.

“But at our ages … and given our unique situation, our relationship turned out to be more of an on-again-off-again game,” McCormick wrote.

McCormick is happily married to Michael Cummings and has been since 1985. Williams is married to Tina Mahina, whom he wed in 2017.