‘The Brady Bunch’: Bobby Actor Mike Lookinland Revealed the Two Physical Traits Needed to Be a 1960s Child Star

by Will Shepard

The Brady Bunch is one of the more iconic shows from the 1960s and 70s. Because the show was so famous, many of the actors got to experience the joys of becoming famous.

Moreover, The Brady Bunch was taking unknown actors and transforming them into stars. So, with that, there was a lot of competition for child actors to land these roles. When the show was beginning, having freckles and red hair was the epitome of high fashion.

Even though it is hard to classify when certain facial features were in vogue, one Brady knew his time period. One of The Brady Bunch actors, Mike Lookinland played Bobby Brady. More importantly, he had those perfect physical features to excel in Hollywood.

Freckles and Red Hair Were the Tickets to Hollywood Success for Mike Lookinland on “The Brady Bunch”

Before landing the role of Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch, Lookinland was a TV-commercial actor as a young child. In fact, he had done roughly thirty commercials. This opened the door to Hollywood for him.

As a child, The Brady Bunch actor was a natural strawberry blonde. His hair was wavy and luscious, making him be the perfect fit for Hollywood standards at the time.

In an interview with The Sunday Morning Herald from 2015, Lookinland details how much needed to change with his look for the role. He mentions how much having freckles and red hair was a benefit at that time in Hollywood.

“If you had freckles and red hair in 1968, you would get work. But Bobby didn’t have red hair, he had black hair. They dyed my hair black for the show, which was odd at the time. It was a strange experience but it was fun to have the other kids there.”

Either way, Lookinland got the role and made the most of it. His physical features were helpful in landing the role. For a young kid to dye his hair must be exciting, and that seems to be the case with The Brady Bunch actor. Interestingly, it is said that the lights on set were so hot that sometimes the dye would melt in his hair and run down his face.