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‘The Brady Bunch’: Cast Emotionally Remembered the Time Robert Reed Took Them On Trip to The U.K.

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paramount Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

While they played a fictional family on television, in many ways the cast of “The Brady Bunch” also became family. They even went on a trip together thanks to one of the elder members of the cast.

That cast member was Robert Reed. He played patriarch Mike Brady on the beloved 1970s sitcom. The six actors who played his fictional children talked about a very special gift Reed gave them. They did so during an interview on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

Those six actors are Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland. In order, they played Marcia Brady, Jan Brady, Cindy Brady, Greg Brady, Peter Brady, and Bobby Brady. Carol Brady, the matriarch of the Brady clan, was played by Florence Henderson.

During their appearance on Cohen’s show, the six actors from “The Brady Bunch” were asked by a fan to describe one of the “nicest or most generous” things Reed did for them. Turns out, it was a trip across the pond. However, that wasn’t the only gift the actor bestowed on his fictional children.

Robert Reed Gifted Cast of ‘The Brady Bunch’ With Cameras, Projectors, As Well As Trip

“First, we stayed here in The Plaza for a couple nights,” Plumb said.

Knight then chimed in with his recollections.

“It was bigger than that because he had gotten us cameras,” Knight also said. “I don’t remember. You’ll have to help me with the order of all this. For one Christmas he got us cameras. Next Christmas projectors and then the third Christmas, or even part of Christmas, we went to the U.K. (United Kingdom).”

While on that trip, “The Brady Bunch” actors were expected to use one of their previous gifts from Robert Reed.

“We were to use the cameras and then we had a party afterward to view those movies,” Knight recalled.

While on the subject of Robert Reed, Andy Cohen asked “The Brady Bunch” actors when they became aware that Reed was gay.

“I was 9,” Olsen said. “My mother told me. I said, ‘What does that mean?’ And she kind of explained it. She said, ‘He’s a man who loves men.’ I said, ‘OK. That’s fine.'”

The other actors from “The Brady Bunch” said they did not know that Reed was gay until they were older.

“I had such a huge crush on him,” McCormick said. “I truly thought I might marry him one day.”

Knight said that Reed was “very effective at being a parental figure” for him and his fellow young costars.

You can watch the actors who played the Brady kids talk about “The Brady Bunch” with Andy Cohen below. They begin talking about the vacation Robert Reed took them on around the 9-minute mark of the video.