‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Competing on 70s-Themed ‘The Price is Right’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS

What screams Halloween more than a Brady Bunch-themed Price Is Right?

So pull out your best bell bottoms and find your favorite groovy shirt. On Friday, join Christopher Knight, aka middle son Peter Brady, and come on down!

Knight shared a clip from the Price Is Right on his Instagram page. And the whole show celebrates all things 70s and The Brady Bunch. Host Drew Carey even is wearing a leisure suit Mike Brady would love. It’s vintage light blue complete with a wide-collared yellow shirt. Yes, it’s so very Brady Bunch.

Knight captioned the clip: “This Friday I’ll be on The Price Is Right, Halloween edition. Tune in or should I say “Come on down!”

Yes please!

From the glimpse CBS provided, it looks like Knight isn’t a contestant. Rather, he appears with microphone in hand. But everyone else on the show is wearing classic 1970s-inspired threads. So are the contestants. It’s as far out and oh-so-groovy as a game show can be.

The Price Is Right isn’t quite as old as The Brady Bunch, but it’s close. The game show, in which contestants guess prices of items ranging from food to a new car, premiered in its current form back in 1972. The show celebrated the kickoff of its 50th season last month. The Brady Bunch came on the air in 1969. So the two shows do go hand-in-hand in terms of pop culture.

Christmas is next on the holiday calendar for The Brady Bunch. Knight and five other of his acting siblings will appear in the Lifetime holiday movie People Presents: Blending Christmas. It’s on the schedule for Dec. 12. It’s one of 35 new holiday movies for Lifetime, which is vying with Hallmark for Christmas programming supremacy.

The other actors from The Brady Bunch who are in the movie are Barry Williams (Greg), Mike Lookinland (Bobby), Susan Olsen (Cindy) and Robbie Rist (cousin Oliver). Plus, Jennifer Elise Cox, who played the part of Jan in some of The Brady Bunch reunion movies, also will appear in the Lifetime special.

None of the Bradys play themselves. Rather, the movie stars Haylie Duff as a woman yearning to spend one final holiday at a resort about to be sold and reimagined. Her boyfriend invites both the families to the resort. He’s going to propose and wants all loved ones to be on hand. Check with Outsider for more details.

In an interview with the New York Post in 2019, Knight admitted that he used to be worried about being “tethered” to The Brady Bunch. But he doesn’t mind being identified with it all these years later. Plus, Knight carved out his own life away from show business.

In his post-Brady Bunch days, Knight owns a furniture and design company, which produces the Christopher Knight Home Collection. Some of his patio pieces were used when Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle this spring.