‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Didn’t Know the Location of the ‘Brady House’ for Nearly 30 Years

by Joe Rutland

Fans probably think all the cast members of “The Brady Bunch” would know where their house is located. Not so with Christopher Knight.

Knight, who played middle son Peter Brady on the ABC family sitcom, really didn’t know its location for almost 30 years. “The Brady Bunch” ran on network television between 1969-73, then entered classic TV rerun heaven. Still, he had no idea where the “Brady House” was located in the Los Angeles area.

“Well let’s just say I didn’t know where the house was until ’98,” Knight said in a 2019 interview with Studio 10 in Australia. “When I realized other people are asking me where it is and for all these years I said, ‘I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.'”

So, how did Knight find out where this house that millions of people all over the world have seen on their TV sets for years is located?

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Asked Show Producers Where House Was Located

“I finally asked Lloyd (Schwartz) or Sherwood (show creator and producer Schwartz) and did and found out where it was,” Knight said. “And I, at one time, for about five years lived only a quarter of a mile away from it.”

Knight went on to say that the “Brady House” is the second-most photographed house in America.

All of “The Brady Bunch” child actors are still alive today. Sadly, Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, and Ann B. Davis, the main adult actors on the show, have died. Reed played Mike, Henderson played Carol, and Davis played Alice.

People might consider the show as being cool. Knight, though, doesn’t want a seat at that party.

Actor Who Played Peter Brady Doesn’t Think Of Show As ‘Cool’

“The Bradys weren’t cool,” Knight said in a 2008 interview with Pop Entertainment. “If there was any cool factor to them, they would have disappeared after they left the airwaves.

“It’s because what we were doing was timeless,” he said. “But at that period of time, it wasn’t appreciated as much. It’s appreciated more so now and all the more as it continues to live and breathe in perpetuity. It’s one of the things I’m quite grateful for.”

The show has been a classic TV mainstay since leaving the network airwaves. One of the reasons people still are attracted to “The Brady Bunch” is that it feels nostalgic to many of them. They remember growing up and watching the show, then introduce it to their kids. Generation after generation discovers the humor and life lessons from watching the Brady family.

More continue to do so, making it one of the favorites in rerun land forever.