‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Explained the Life-Changing Day of the Show’s Premiere

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images)

Christopher Knight, who played Peter on the beloved series, “The Brady Bunch,” opened up about what it was like to see himself during the show’s premiere. 

When the show premiered on September 26, 1969, Knight had no idea what he was in for since he hadn’t even previewed the episode before that day. 

During an interview with Forbes, Knight opened up about watching the debut of the series with his family. 

For the occasion, his family got a brand new television for the premiere of “The Brady Bunch.” Previously, the family had avoided televisions as his father had been a Broadway star who had some skepticism surrounding the medium. 

“My dad was anti-television because he liked his work in theater,” Knight said. “So now, all of a sudden, we’re having to buy a big television just because I get this series.”

Knight also admitted that he had to get used to the new-found fame that came with being on the popular show. 

“Little did I anticipate the effect that the premiere would have immediately on the world around me,” Knight said. “No longer was I just going to be able to walk down the street and expect it to be the same. Within six months or so, I had to deal with the recognition thing, which only has grown in 50 years. So I wasn’t aware that was my last day of freedom of being somebody else.”

Knight’s Life After ‘The Brady Bunch’

After his life acting as Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” Knight traded his acting career to work in business. 

He worked as an account sales manager for Martec, Inc and helped the company land their first million-dollar sale. 

In 1991, he co-founded a 3D graphics company called Visual Software. In 1995, he also founded Kidwise Learningware. He also founded a TV tuner company called Eskape Labs. 

While he continued to be successful in business, he did make his return to acting later on. 

In the 2000s, he appeared on the reality series “The Surreal Life,” where he met his future wife, Adrienne Curry. After their wedding, they starred together on their own reality series, “My Fair Brady.”

However, Knight and Curry eventually separated and divorced in 2013. Later, Knight found love again when he met Cara Kokenes, whom he married in 2016.