‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Hilariously Explained Why Not Going to Jail Made Him a ‘Success’

by Will Shepard

Ahh, the days of The Brady Bunch! It seemed to take place in a much simpler time. In many regards, the show was in a much simpler time. But, many lessons from the early 1970s still ring true today.

Christopher Knight was barely a teenager when he won the role of Peter Brady. Reportedly, The Brady Bunch creator interviewed 464 kids for the six children in the show. So, Knight clearly stood out to the show’s creator and producers.

Almost overnight, he became a celebrity. With that came a lot of responsibility, and The Brady Bunch star proved he was up to the task.

Even though he has yet to find another show or movie as successful as The Brady Bunch, he handled the fame incredibly well. In an interview from 2019 with Studio 10, Knight joked about handling the fame.

In reference to being a childhood star, one of the hosts asked, “How have you stayed so grounded?”

“You’ll laugh at this one because people think, ‘you haven’t gone to jail!’ And I laugh at my wife and say, ‘the bar is really low for us,'” The Brady Bunch star joked. “All I have to do is just not get arrested, and I’m a tremendous success.”

“The Brady Bunch” Star Had to Ask the Show’s Producer’s Where the House Located

Knight worked hard on the show, and it paid off. However, the middle son on The Brady Bunch didn’t know where in the Los Angeles area the “Brady House” was located.

During the same interview, he talked about having to ask the producers of the show where the house actually was.

“Well, let’s just say I didn’t know where the house was until ’98,” Knight said with a smile. “When I realized other people are asking me where it is and for all these years I said, ‘I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.’”

There were millions of viewers that idolized this house, laughing at the family antics. So, how did The Brady Bunch star find out where it was on the map?

“I finally asked Lloyd [Schwartz] or Sherwood (the show creator and producer Schwartz) and did and found out where it was,” Knight said. “And I, at one time, for about five years, lived only a quarter of a mile away from it.”

A few moments later in the interview, Knight noted that The Brady Bunch house was famous. He said that, at the time of the interview, it is the second-most photographed house in America.