‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Christopher Knight Said He Was ‘Intimidated’ by Alice Actor Ann B. Davis

by Joe Rutland

Actor Christopher Knight of “The Brady Bunch” freely admits feeling a bit intimidated by actor Ann B. Davis, who played Alice on the sitcom.

In a 2019 interview with Forbes, Knight, who played middle son Peter Brady on the show, said Davis came into work “really well-prepared.”

“She was a comedian, but it wasn’t as though she was effervescent with humor,” Knight said. “Humor was more engineered. She knew how to deliver humor. But it wasn’t ever-present in her person in the moment. She was more of a person who was going to get you to be more of an adult than you would have been otherwise, which is not a bad thing.

Knight admitted that, “I was a little intimidated by her” on “The Brady Bunch” set.

Ann B. Davis Won Two Emmys Before Her Time On ‘The Brady Bunch’

“But we all have our individual takes on this and my view is not shared by others,” he said.

One moment of kindness he remembers with Davis is receiving needlepoint lessons from the veteran actor.

Davis died on June 1, 2014, at 88 years old. She won two Emmy Awards but they were not for “The Brady Bunch” role. They were for playing Charmaine “Schultzy” Schultz on NBC’s “The Bob Cummings Show” between 1955-59.

Davis played housekeeper Alice Nelson between 1969-74 on “The Brady Bunch” before returning to work in theater.

While she never fully retired from acting, Davis moved out of Los Angeles in 1976. She went to live in a Episcopal Church community in Denver, Colo. She moved with the community to Pennsylvania, then eventually to San Antonio, Texas, where she died.

Knight Blames Himself for Having Difficult Attitude Toward Show

It has taken Knight a number of years to not have a difficult attitude toward “The Brady Bunch” and his Peter Brady character.

Knight said this contentious attitude toward the show was his own doing, according to a 2019 article in The Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald.

While seeking to get away from his TV identity, Knight took a trip to Australia in 1992. He received a reminder, though, that being part of that TV family was actually pretty cool.

“I was going to a place (where) I thought people would not recognize me and I was not in the country five minutes and I was embraced as a brother,” Knight said. “I’d never been to Australia. I was half a world away from home and there was a sort of loneliness, a feeling of how big the world is, and then suddenly the world gets very small.”

He found some peace within himself around the role that defined Christopher Knight for years.