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‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Called Mike Lookinland His ‘Closest Buddy’ on the Show

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)

In 2019, the cast of The Brady Bunch got together to reminisce about their time on the set of their classic series. And Christopher Knight admitted that Mike Lookinland was his closest Brady buddy.

When Mike Brady married Carol in 1969, his three boys and her “three very lovely girls” became brothers and sisters. And for five years, the kids charmed audiences with their warm relationships and wholesome shenanigans.

One of the reasons The Brady Bunch was so loved was because of the chemistry between the six actors who played the Brady kids. So in a reunion interview with the New York Post, the kids talked about their relationships with each other and revealed who their best friends were.

Peter Brady’s Christopher Knight loved working with Bobby’s Mike Lookinland. The two are three years apart in age. And at first, that made them have more of a brotherly relationship. But as they grew older, they became incredibly close.

“I’m a little Huck Finn-ish and was looking to explore, and he was my little explorer buddy,” Knight admitted. “Although he always fashioned himself to be an adult. Only later in the show or even after did we the show we become closer and closer friends.”

Knight enjoyed Lookinland’s sense of humor, and that helped the boys bond. And according to Knight, he and Lookinland are still best friends.

“He always cracked me up and was always great company,” he remembered. “I would consider him my closest buddy. If I got into a little bit of trouble, it’s probably because I was trying to drag him into a little bit of trouble.”

And Christopher Knight added that his relationship with one of his on-screen sisters was a lot like a relationship between real siblings.

“I teased Maureen [McCormick] mercilessly, he admitted. “She couldn’t be more different from me — she was so prissy and nice and clean, and I needed to dirty her up.”

Mike Lookinland Feels the Same About ‘The Brady Bunch’ Co-Star Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight told the New York Post that Mike Lookinland was and is his best friend. And Lookinland admitted that the feelings are mutual.

“No question [my closest friend] was Chris Knight,” he answered when the NYP asked who he was closest to during the show’s run. “We had sleepovers at each other’s houses.”

But he also appreciated Susan Olsen’s off-beat personality. So, she was one of his favorite castmates, too.

“Susan and I were very buddy-buddy and hung out together. She has a real sick sense of humor and I thought, “She’s a little off” and I thought it was my duty to keep her laughing. So we hit it off on that basis.”