‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Never Told Robert Reed ‘What He Meant’ to Him Before His Death

by Evan Reier

When The Brady Bunch star Robert Reed died on October 19, 1992, the world lost a legend of television far too soon.

Reed was just 60 years old, and his legend as Mike Brady was hitting new heights with each decade. While the show aired for most of the early 1970s, its run in syndication made it far popular than it had ever been during its initial run.

Many of the cast have lamented not growing closer with Reed, who was a closeted gay man for much of his life. He was also fairly demanding as an actor. So it doesn’t come as a surprise he didn’t get to be especially close with his child costars, but it is still unfortunate.

Peter Brady actor Christopher Knight opened up about this over the years, including in 2019 with Australian talk show Studio 10.

Initially, Knight and the members of Studio 10 were discussing Florence Henderson, who played mom Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch. After Knight detailed her sass and nostalgically remembered the late actress who passed in 2016, the attention turned toward his other TV parent.

“What was like for you when you lost your TV dad, Robert Reed?” Angela Bishop asked Christopher Knight. “Was it like a real loss?”

From the jump, it’s clear that it is a complicated subject for Knight.

“That would probably be, in life,” Knight started. “I hadn’t started suffering those kind of losses yet, so it was one of the first. I didn’t realize, well, never had a chance to tell him what he meant. So that was sad, to let that passage go.”

The Brady Bunch Star Christopher Knight Missed Reed’s Funeral

It’s a tough situation. Anyone can relate to the changing of times and distancing of relationships. However, you can’t take moments for granted.

Knight goes on to express that regret, especially when it came to mourning Reed’s death in 1992.

“And that was right at the beginning, or in the middle of my high-tech career,” Knight said. “I didn’t feel like I could take off of work to go to his service, and I didn’t and I regret that. But the fact was that he was a tremendous influence. They all were on our lives.”

Like his relationship with the show, Knight’s reverence and respect for Reed has seemingly only grown over time.

As details of Reed’s career and complicated life have come out, it’s hard not to. The man had to lead two lives, and on top of that, battled an unorthodox path of fame and success thanks to The Brady Bunch.