‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Walked Back 2013 ‘Prostituted’ Comments About Parents Years Later

by Suzanne Halliburton

Christopher Knight, the middle brother on The Brady Bunch, once said his family prostituted him when he was doing the iconic TV show.

Yet, when asked about those prostitute comments by Australian morning show Studio 10 in 2019, Knight said he didn’t mean what he said to come across so harshly.

First, some context. Christopher Knight was 10 when he won the part of Peter on The Brady Bunch. His father, a first-generation American, was an actor with an inconsistent paycheck. His mother was an artist. They had a young family. And his salary on The Brady Bunch paid a lot of bills. Knight’s mother was on set with him.

“I’m feeling totally prostituted at that point by my mom,” Knight said during a segment of the Oprah Winfrey Show . “I think in a way, I totally was, and by her own admission it was, and that she was sorry about it.”

Knight added: “But at the same time, I’m going, ‘Yeah, but that kind of sacrifices me in the process. Maybe it was conscious on her part. Maybe it was worth the sacrifice.”

Knight Said His Family Was Old School

But in November, 2019, during the interview with Aussie TV, Knight provided more clarity to the comment by giving context.

“It was the wrong kind of phrase to use because it hit too hard,” said Knight, who is now 63 and in private business. “What I meant by that … my family is a little bit old school. (His) dad was first generation from the old country. And part of what he was acting out was stuff (from) his family. … put the family to work, right?

“My dad was an actor,” Knight said. “And getting us an agent and having us working was part of the solution. Which was … under the guise we’re putting money away for your own college education was, no we’re contributing to the family. That meant my mom had to be with me. So anybody who wants their child to be a child star needs to think of the ramifications with multiple children. The worse thing that can happen is one child is a success (because) there’s a lack of equality in the home.

Knight Said Having Mother on Brady Bunch Set Was Stressful For Family

Knight said having his mother with him on set as he made The Brady Bunch was stressful on his family.

“I had a brother who was seven years younger,” Knight said. “I’m 11 years old, he’s 4 and was being raised by my 7-year-old sister. Because my mom was with me, but it was a necessity. She was earning money for being my manager. So the whole thing, there’s a pressure with that kind of mentality, as soon as you submit to it. This is a golden goose, you’ve got to sell this golden goose.”

The Brady Bunch, aka the golden goose, ran from 1969-74. By 1988, Knight basically got out of the acting business and jumped into the high tech industry. He’s dabbled in reality TV. And in 2019, the Brady Bunch cast reunited for a renovation show on HGTV.

The fact he was on Australian TV five decades after the Brady Bunch went off the air shows that the series can still be a golden goose.