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‘The Brady Bunch’: Cindy Actor Susan Olsen Explained She Was Never Asked to Act in Audition

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Getting cast as one of the children on “The Brady Bunch,” changed the lives of every one of those actors. Almost a decade ago, one of those cast members shared details about the audition process during an interview.

That cast member was Susan Olsen. And, as fans of the show will know, she played Cindy Brady on the beloved family sitcom. Olsen talked about her audition process for “The Brady Bunch” during a 2012 interview with Bigfoot Diaries. And, what she had to say is pretty interesting.

First of all, Olsen auditioned for “The Brady Bunch” when she was only 7 years old. That’s a very young age to take on the responsibility of a role in such a high-stress and demanding field.

However, Susan Olsen took it on, even though her family had to end a vacation prematurely so she could audition for the show. And, even as a child that young Olsen felt the pressure of getting steady work as an actor in the entertainment industry.

Susan Olsen Auditioned for ‘The Brady Bunch’ When She Was Only 7 Years Old

“It was three days after my seventh birthday. My family were in Las Vegas vacationing. We came home early so I could go on this audition,” Olsen told Bigfoot Diaries. “It was important to me because it was for a regular role in a series – something I really wanted, a steady job.”

In addition to talking about where she was when her family had to adjust their plans so she could audition for “The Brady Bunch,” Susan Olsen also shared details about what happened in that audition. And, it was very interesting indeed.

When most actors go to an audition – even if they are very young – they expect to act. However, according to Olsen, the auditions for “The Brady Bunch” were different.

“Oddly enough they never had us act,” Olsen told Bigfoot Diaries. “The producers just talked to us. They wanted to find interesting kids. I never read a script until I had the part.”

The powers that be behind “The Brady Bunch” must have found Susan Olsen very interesting. She was so interesting that she was cast as Cindy Brady on the famous family sitcom.

Olsen’s Grandmother Prayed That the Youngster Would Land a Part on Family Sitcom

Getting cast on a television show that would give her steady work was important for Susan Olsen. It was also important to members of her family. It was so important in fact, that her grandmother prayed for the young actress to get cast on “The Brady Bunch.”

“As I said, I wanted a series and there seemed to be three opportunities converging. It looked like I may be cast as ‘Prudence’ in ‘Nanny and the Professor’ and two episodes of ‘Gunsmoke’ that I had done looked like I might be added in as a regular character,” Olsen said during the interview.

“My grandmother asked me which one she should pray for me to get and I told her ‘The Brady Brood’ (The word ‘bunch’ came later) because I would have five other kids on the set to play with. That was my first pick and I got it.”

The rest, as they say, is television history.