‘The Brady Bunch’: Cindy Actor Susan Olsen Would Ruin Shots Because She’d Pet Tiger the Dog

by Anna Dunn
Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

For any dog lover out there, it’s hard to resist petting your favorite furry friends. Susan Olsen, who played Cindy on The Brady Bunch, knew this well. During a DVD interview for The Brady Bunch: Variety Hour, Olsen talked about how she always wanted to pet Tiger the dog.

Apparently, there was even a running joke on set that every time the director would yell “cut,” Olsen would rush to pet the dog. She loved the first dog who played Tiger, named Chip. Tragically, the second Tiger, named Rupert, died after a truck hit him.

Producers “fired” the third Tiger, actually named Tiger from The Brady Bunch. He went on to win what Olsen described as a “Doggy Oscar.” It was for a movie he did with Don Johnson called The Boy and His Dog. He also appeared on The Cher Show.

Olsen once said Her and Mike Lookinland ‘Had it Best’ in comparison to ‘Brady Bunch’ Cast Members

Things weren’t always easy on the set of The Brady Bunch. For the child actors on set, adjusting to life was sometimes difficult. Out of all the actors who were kids at the time, Olsen once said that she and Mike Lookinland had it the easiest. Her reason for this was surprising: they were the youngest.

“I think, for the most part, it was easier for Mike and I as the youngest. Young children have a wisdom that goes out the window when you hit puberty,” Olsen said. That wisdom? The wisdom to view things as “silly” and not take life too seriously.

“The fame aspect of my experience would have been much harder to deal with as a teenager who is on unstable ground with self-identity. I think Mike and I were more able to look at the industry and see a lot of the experience as silly,” she said.

In an interview, Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady, said that a lot of the kids on The Brady Bunch experienced difficulties adjusting to the outside world once they got off the show. Some continued acting while others pursued other careers.

After The Brady Bunch Olsen went on to act in a few productions. Mostly, she took her love for animals that she had on set and became an Advocate for Animal welfare. She’s on the board of directors of Precious Paws, an animal rights organization.