‘The Brady Bunch’ Had a Close Call with a Roller Coaster While Filming Episode at Theme Park

by Chris Haney

During the final season of The Brady Bunch, the cast came dangerously close to being injured – or even worse – while filming a scene on a roller coaster.

Season five’s episode “The Cincinnati Kids” is based on the Bradys visiting the Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. The plot focuses on Mike taking the family to the park where he’s submitting plans to a client. However, middle daughter Jan accidentally takes his blueprints after mistaking them for her Yogi Bear poster. Although it’s a good-natured mix-up within the story of the show, another oversight in real life could’ve been much more serious.

Of course, any visit to an amusement park isn’t complete without taking advantage of the rides. Therefore the Bradys and Alice jump on the Racer rollercoaster to have some fun. Previous to filming this scene, Robert Reed (Mike Brady) noticed that the camera attached to the front of the roller coaster to capture footage of the Bradys while riding looked unstable.

The crew decided to do a test run without anyone on the roller coaster, which turned out to be a possibly life-saving decision. During the test run, the camera went flying off the roller coaster. As it made its return, the camera was nowhere to be seen.

If anyone would’ve been on the roller coaster without a test run, the camera would have flown back and likely hit them. Who knows what the heavy equipment could’ve done. At a minimum, some of the cast could’ve been seriously injured, but it could’ve been even worse.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Hated Early Days of Acting

While no one signs up to get hit by recording equipment while on set, The Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight had other reasons for not enjoying acting early in life. Knight (Peter Brady) once opened up about how much he couldn’t stand being a child actor.

Knight’s acting career began even earlier than starring on The Brady Bunch at the age of 12. At seven years old he started taking roles in commercials because of his parents. But he quickly found out that the process of auditioning and acting wasn’t exactly fun for a kid.

“I think I was only seven. So the conversation was, ‘We’re going to get you an agent and do commercials.’ I said okay, even though I didn’t know what it meant. Once I learned what that meant, I hated it,” Knight said in a 2012 interview with Hollywood Chicago.

Acting at such a young age basically ruined part of Knight’s childhood. Instead of getting to play with his friends after school, he auditioned and shot commercials late into the night. Additionally, his parents forced his brother to audition as well, but he never once received a callback. Therefore Knight joked that their parents eventually “released” him from acting. But Knight wasn’t so lucky.

“It meant coming home from school and seeing my mother dressed up. I knew that whatever I had planned with my buddies, that wasn’t happening. I was getting in the car, and she smoked, and we drove an hour in traffic, and then we’d get home late. My brother did it with me. He went on every interview with me for at least three years, and he never worked. He was eventually released from that when it became futile,” Knight said with a laugh.