‘The Brady Bunch’ Fans Would Tell Mike Lookinland That ‘Bobby Was Okay’ but One Actor was the Cutest

by Will Shepard

Did The Brady Bunch have the catchiest theme song in the history of television? Maybe, but you’ll have to be the judge of that.

Nonetheless, the actor who played Bobby Brady in the series, Mike Lookinland, was only 9 years old when he got the role. So, he was considered to be one of the cuter actors in the show.

In an interview with Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen with Studio 10 in 2015, they talked about The Brady Bunch. One of the topics that they covered in the interview was about which actor got the most attention for being cute. Consequently, Mike Lookinland had a lot to say on the subject.

Lookinland started the explanation by talking about how Knight still looks a lot like his character. He contrasted that by saying that he and Susan don’t look like their characters anymore. Both he and Susan say that Knight is still super cute.

“As many times as i’ve heard, ‘Oh, man, I wanted to do you know what with Marcia…” He then clarified to the host of the interview that he’d heard that more than he would have liked to. “Five million people have said that to me,” The Brady Bunch star said.

“But,” Lookinland clarified, “as many times as I’ve heard that, I’ve heard them say, ‘Well, Bobby was okay, but Peter was the cute one. So, that’s all I’m getting at.”

Olsen chimed in and added that the compliments for Peter oftentimes come from guys as well. Nonetheless, that is an awesome compliment for an actor as a child. It means that they are doing exactly what the show needed him to do. However, that must have been tough for Lookinland, who also wanted his recognition for his work on The Brady Bunch.

“The Brady Bunch” Star Offered Advice to His Son When He Was Playing the Same Role

Lookinland was overlooked for his son when the TV movie Growing Up Brady was cast. In his place, though, Scott Lookinland held his own.

In an interview with Hollywood Chicago, he talked about his early days as an actor. More importantly, he talked about the advice he gave his son before portraying Bobby Brady.

During the interview, The Brady Bunch star explained that he had a normal life growing up. He attributed that. to his parents. He remembered how he would go from the setback to class in between episodes. Lookinland also joked about how his on-set tutor had him ahead of his class.

Later on in his life, his son took on the role of Bobby Brady in the show’s reboot movie. Of course, due to his experience with the character, he had some valuable insight to impart to him.

“I probably just told him to be yourself and do what the director tells you,” Lookinland said. “Because I’m not the director. He is. Just do what the director tells you, and everything will be fine.”