‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Sounded Off on Florence Henderson’s Issues with Christopher Knight’s Ex-Wife

by Keeli Parkey

Families fight. That’s just a fact of life. Turns out, the members of fictional families even have their share of disagreements. This was true for the cast of “The Brady Bunch.”

Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady in the series, sounded off about this television family drama in a 2009 interview. Before we get into her comments, let’s talk about what led to this drama in the first place.

Prior to her death in 2016, Florence Henderson, who played the matriarch, Carol Brady, on the popular sitcom, shared some comments that angered one of her on-screen children. That child was actor Christopher Knight. He played Peter Brady in the series.

So, what did Henderson say that upset Knight? She reportedly questioned the sincerity of his marriage to Adrianne Curry. Curry was the winner of the first season of “the reality show American’s Next Top Model.” She and Knight reportedly met when they both appeared on another reality show – “The Surreal Life,” which aired on VH1.

Knight and Curry were separated in age by 24 years. They started dating and Knight eventually asked her to marry him. She accepted and they did get married. However, this situation didn’t really sit well with the matriarch of “The Brady Bunch.” Henderson even went as far as to say that Knight was required to get engaged to Curry.

Unsurprisingly, neither Knight nor Curry was happy to learn about these comments.

Susan Olsen Shares Her Thoughts Regarding Dispute Between Her Co-Stars from ‘The Brady Bunch’

In a 2009 interview with Retroality, “The Brady Bunch” star Susan Olsen shared her thoughts on the feud between her on-screen mother and her on-screen brother.

“I think Florence and Chris have patched things up,” Olsen said. “That’s one of those situations where I saw it from afar, then I got close to it and it was like, ‘Oh, wow. You really took that seriously?'”

Olsen also looked at the situation from the sides of both Henderson and Knight.

“Then I thought about it and I said, ‘Well, I don’t think Florence meant it seriously,'” she also said. “And, um, I think that you know, I understand Chris – that’s his wife. He can’t stand for having her bad-mouthed.”

Olsen then reiterated her point of view about Florence Henderson’s comments. She also welcomed Curry to the Brady family.

“I really don’t think Florence meant much by it, you know,” Olsen said. “Adrianne’s a Brady now whether she likes it or not.”

However, Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry divorced during 2013. After Henderson’s death, Knight publicly praised her.

You can watch Susan Olsen talk about “The Brady Bunch” below. Her comments about the issues between her on-screen mother Florence Henderson and Christopher Knight begin just after the 4:30 mark of the video.