‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Said His Career ‘Should’ve Lasted 25 Minutes’

by Suzanne Halliburton

If not for the Brady Bunch, the guy who played the oldest brother on the family comedy said his career should’ve been over in a snap. Or 25 extended snaps.

But the fans of the Brady Bunch turned Barry Williams’ five years of playing Greg Brady into a lifetime. Williams discussed the staying power of the show during a 2003 interview with the Las Vegas Sun.

“I’m in a career that should have lasted 25 minutes because pop things change so radically and shows come and go and there’s the whole child actor syndrome,” Williams said of his time with the Brady Bunch.

Williams continued: “I’m thrilled that people care about it. I’m thrilled that they are interested in it … it’s all about connection as far as I’m concerned. And if people are familiar with the work, then that gives me a platform to start from and take it wherever I want to go. And that’s what I do.”

The original fans of the show are the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation. But because the Brady Bunch, which ran from 1969-74, is so popular in reruns and streaming services, multiple generations now know Greg Brady and his brothers and stepsisters.

Barry Williams Did a Vegas Show Featuring Character from Brady Bunch Episode

And Williams did this interview to hype his Las Vegas show. Williams had no intention of letting go of Greg Brady. Williams called his musical show “Barry Williams: The Real Greg Brady, Live in Concert, With Special Guest Pop Icon Johnny Bravo.”

So to translate, that was Barry Williams playing Greg Brady, playing the pop star created by the Brady Bunch writers. For an episode, Johnny Bravo was Greg Brady’s alter ego. The episode was Adios, Johnny Bravo and it first aired Sept. 14, 1973. The Brady kids auditioned for a slot in the Hal Barton show on TV. They all meet a couple of talent agents. The kids think the agents want them as a group. Instead, they only wanted Greg.

In an interesting bit of trivia, Brady Bunch producers made an interesting choice in casting for this episode. Claudia Jennings played talent agent Tami Cutler. In 1970, Playboy magazine chose Jennings as its Playmate of the Year.

Throughout the episode, Greg’s ego continues to grow. Then he’s taught a life lesson about being Johnny Bravo. He’s given a flashy suit — Greg looks like a bullfighter. And then he finds out, it wasn’t about his talent, but his physique. Greg Brady fit the suit, the fancy matador suit.

Williams, in a Q&A with fans, said the Brady Bunch sang its own songs.

“You can’t get professional singers to sound like that – ever listen to the theme song,” Williams said. “However most of the time when we were recording, Christopher (Peter) Knight’s microphone was turned off.”

In the post Brady Bunch years, Williams continued to sing. He could be Johnny Bravo or Greg Brady or Barry Williams. He embraced all those personas.